The new model is offered in two sole grinds, a range of lofts and will be available around Australia from October 15, with custom fitting available now.

“When you look at the Glide Forged Pro wedge, everything about it stands out,” PING President John K. Solheim said. “It’s a great-looking club with amazing feel that performs beautifully. It has the versatility to attract and benefit a lot of different skill levels.

“Our engineers focused on every design attribute. It’s slightly smaller heel-to-toe with a rounded profile to allow players the ability to control the club and play any shot with precision. We’ve also applied a new face blast to improve friction for increased spin and trajectory control.”

Forged from 8620 carbon steel, the new model is shorter from heel-to-toe as part of what the company calls a “captured look” when combined with the offset amount and leading edge shaping to better suit the preferences of elite players.

A confidence inspiring look that is designed to be manipulated for complete control around the greens, the Glide Forged Pro is an addition to the existing PING wedge line-up. And is already in play in the hands of some of the world’s best players, including being used to win in Europe recently by Johannes Veerman.

The faces of the new wedges are milled, so too the loft specific grooves that feature narrower sidewalls in the 50° and 52° options for full shot performance and wider edges from 54° through to 62° for higher spin on partial shots and from a variety of lies. The increased spin enhanced by a new Emery face blast technique adding surface roughness to increase friction.

The final pieced of the low launch, high spin performance formula coming in the form of a ‘hydropearl 2.0’ chrome finish that improves performance from the rough and in wet conditions.

The two sole grinds cater to various player preferences and playing conditions, while a 59° EYE2 High Toe option pays homage to the company’s famed wedge model, with special meaning for the Solheim family, who continue to run the American manufacturer started by Karsten Solheim.

The ‘S’ grind will suit the majority of players with its moderate bounce and a rounded lead edge, while the narrower, lower bounce ‘T’ grind is available in three higher lofts and a range of other grind options are offered through the PING WRX program.

Although labelled an S grind model, the EYE2 59° features a modernised appearance of the original, with a larger toe section combined with a traditional hosel design and the classic EYE2 sole shaping.  

“I may be a little biased since my swimming pool as a kid was shaped like a PING EYE2 wedge, but I love the high-toe option in this line,” said Solheim. “It gives me the confidence and versatility to play high and low shots with a lot of spin without being intimidated. It’s especially good out of the bunker.”

Allowing golfers to further customise their short game implements, PING offers a graphic design upcharge option for the back of the head, while a range of steel and graphite shafts are offered as standard.

RRP: $350 (steel); $380 (graphite).

To find out more, visit or to find your nearest PING stockist.