The Thing About Golf Podcast

Estimates say there are as many as 60 million golfers in the world and we all know at least some of them who are completely addicted. The question is why? Join us as we try to discover the answer to that burning question, interviewing golfers both famous - and not - on a monthly quest to solve the riddle of this maddening game.

Episode #6 (16 Oct 2019): The Thing About Golf #6: Peter Lonard (1:57:39 min, 60.1 MB)
A two-time Australian Open Champion with a terrific sense of humour and a knack for telling great stories. So it's no wonder Peter Lonard is one of Australia's favourite players, equally popular among his playing peers and fans alike.

Episode #5 (11 Sep 2019): The Thing About Golf #5: Tom Moore (1:02:33 min, 34.7 MB)
Tom Moore is one of only 12 current life members of the PGA of Australia, and he has witnessed just about every imaginable significant change the game has seen. It is this unique perspective that we chat about with Tom on a journey that eventually leads us to discover that for him, the thing about golf is its history and the less than ideal way we treat it.

Episode #4 (14 Aug 2019): The Thing About Golf #4: Paul Daley (1:13:38 min, 29.3 MB)
Any golfer with an interest in golf course architecture is no doubt familiar with the name Paul Daley. For the past two decades, Paul has been publishing books about the sub-culture that is golf course design and it's an endeavour that - as you'll hear - truly is a labour of love. But there's more to this conversation than course architecture.

Episode #3 (10 Jul 2019): The Thing About Golf #3: Richard Sattler (43:51 min, 32.3 MB)
Richard Sattler likes to call himself a farmer and that is a true and accurate description. But Sattler – the owner of the Barnbougle Dunes complex on Tasmania's north-east coast – is much more than that. Despite not being obsessed with the game or indeed the business, Sattler stands as one of golf's most important people of the past two decades.

Episode #2 (12 Jun 2019): The Thing About Golf #2: Bob & Kathie Shearer (1:41:41 min, 39.7 MB)
Bob and Kathie Shearer are Australian golf royalty. Bob, of course, was one of Australia's premiere international players during the 1970's and 80's. Kathie, on the other hand, didn't find golf it found her and for nearly three decades she has had to deal with the biggest names in the game, while managing tournament media centres around the world. Theirs is a love story... with a lot of golf thrown into the mix.

Episode #1 (15 May 2019): The Thing About Golf #1: Sue Wooster (58:33 min, 49.4 MB)
This is the remarkable story of one of the finest amateur players of recent times that you've likely never heard of, a player whose career trajectory goes against almost all accepted wisdom. She's a plus handicap golfer, prolific tournament winner, mother of four and grandmum to six. This is the Sue Wooster story.

Episode #0 (13 May 2019): Welcome to The Thing About Golf (6:33 min, 2.3 MB)
Welcome to this special preview edition of a brand new podcast launching this week, Golf Australia Magazine's The Thing About Golf. If you're a keen player or even a self-confessed golf nut you'll know there is plenty to love about this game. In this monthly series, we will chat with golfers both famous and not to find out just what it is that draws them to this great game.