Designed to offer distance, greenside control and soft feel, the new models incorporate the new ‘Hybrid Cover’ featuring a ‘PARALOID Impact Modifier’ created by Dow Chemical that also features in the new ERC Soft.

The unique cover material allows for “long distance, exceptional spin, outstanding feel, and short game control” according to the company.

Created through mixing multiple materials, the new cover enhances the properties that have made Supersoft the ball of choice for so many golfers.

“The best explanation of the new PARALOID 2.0 cover is that we have added another element to the cover that helps blend the 2 types of Ionomers together. We blend a harder Ionomer with a softer Ionomer which results in a cover that creates faster ball speeds for more distance with better durability and more spin around the green," Callaway Golf South Pacific's Product manager Ben Chester said.

Working with the new cover is a ‘High Speed Soft Compression Core’ that is engineered for increased ball speed, low long game spin, higher launch and soft feel, while the ‘HEX Aerodynamics’ dimple pattern refines aerodynamics for longer and straighter flights.

The Max model offers similar playability characteristics to the standard Supersoft ball in a physically larger ball that is easier to hit due to its size and also launches higher due to its relationship with clubfaces at impact.

New Supersoft golf balls will be available around Australia from February 4.

RRP: $39.99 (dozen).

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