Immediately finding their way into the bags of some of the company’s top players at the PGA Tour’s Sentry Tournament of Champions in Hawaii, the M5 and M6 drivers headline the club release. With TaylorMade’s new ‘Speed Injected Twist Face’ incorporated in both models to maximise ball speed.

First incorporated in the M3 and M4 drivers released in 2018, the company’s Twist Face is designed to correct golfers’ common mis-hits and resulting shot shapes in the toe and heel of the face with a modified loft and face angle. To improve upon the technology, the M5 and M6 drivers feature a combination of a thinner, more flexible titanium face, refined ‘Hammerhead 2.0’ slot in the sole, internal foam and varied amounts of resin injected into each head as well as “A proprietary algorithm to tune each head”.

Unlike previous models which often saw slight variations from one head to the next in the speed of the face, the new models have been designed to exceed the maximum allowable COR measurements dictated by the rules of golf, before the resin injection process brings the driver back to a conforming measurement.

Injected via two tuning ports found on the face of each driver, TaylorMade’s algorithm decides the amount of resin required for each head, meaning each and every driver has been precisely tuned to increase ball speed.

The combination of the thinner face and injecting process raises ball speeds across the clubface for increased forgiveness and a sweetspot in the M5 that is 66 percent larger than the M3 and 100 percent larger than the 2015 M1 according to the company.

To further dial in the performance of the new models, TaylorMade has increased the amount of carbon used in both the crown and sole of the driver head construction to save weight and optimise the centre of gravity (CG) and forgiveness.

Offered in a standard and smaller 435cc Tour head for increased workability, the M5 utilises a new ‘Inverted T-Track’ to allow players to dial in performance to suit their needs and ball flight preferences. Replacing the Y-Track of the M3, the new movable weight system uses two 10gram weights and offers 1,770 unique CG locations capable of one degree of launch angle variation, 600rpm of spin adjustment and over 20 metres of left-to-right adjustability. While the loft sleeve incorporated in both the M5 and M6 allows for two degrees of loft change, as well as lie and face angle customisation.

Similarly offering adjustability and increased distance, the M5 fairway wood incorporates Twist Face technology for the first time in a fairway wood, which also utilises a multi-material construction.

Made from carbon and titanium with a 65gram moveable steel weight the M5 fairway is offered in three lofts featuring a 12 position adjustable loft sleeve.

Available in standard and D-Type models, the M6 driver delivers increased performance and an optimised CG combined with ball speed improvements driven by the new Speed Injected Twist Face.

“Injected Twist Face delivers a hot, yet accurate performance package in the new M6 driver. When you add optimized CG and MOI through the use of a full carbon crown and sole, the result is a complete driver that delivers on all fronts,” TaylorMade Vice President of Product Creation Brian Bazzel said.

The lack of the adjustable T-Track of the M5 means the M6 driver is engineered with a sole made entirely from carbon fibre providing the company’s design team with 54 percent more discretionary weight than the M4 that has been precisely placed with a new ‘inertia generator’ low and towards the back of the head for maximum forgiveness and optimal CG.

M6 fairway woods and hybrids round out the new club launch, with the M6 fairway also incorporating the company’s Twist Face and a new ‘Speed Pocket’ design with a TPU insert for improved turf interaction more ball speed on shots struck low on the face.

The first hybrid to feature Twist Face technology, the M6 Rescue’s two-tone crown has been carefully designed to hide the curvature of the face design at address to inspire confidence, while the steel body’s stepped crown produces a very low CG.

Announced alongside the new woods, the 2019 TP5 and TP5x golf balls have been refined for increased speed and distance through the use of a new ‘High-Flex Material’ (HFM), while changes made to the cover formulation raise greenside spin and durability.

“With the new TP5 and TP5x golf balls, we knew there was an opportunity to make them even faster,” TaylorMade Director of Golf Ball R&D Eric Loper said. “Our research into the driver and ball interaction at the moment of impact along with the development of a new material (HFM) has given us the ability to more efficiently convert compression into speed, at any swing speed. The new ‘Speed-Layer System’ (SLS) controls spin rates that is critical for driver, iron and wedge performance.”

The five layer construction of TaylorMade’s premium golf ball offerings allows for an extremely soft ‘Tri-Fast core to be wrapped in four layers increasing in firmness to create more energy and ball speed. The combination of a soft centre and firm outer layer that acts like a wound up spring off the driver face according to the company, means players are able to achieve increased distance without sacrificing soft fell and the spin required for optimal flight and stopping power.

Both featuring a ‘Dual-Spin’ cast urethane cover encouraging more interaction with wedge grooves, the TP5 launches lower with irons and offers increased spin close to the green, while the TP5x feels firmer.

The M5 and M6 woods will be available in early February 2018, while the updated TP5 and TP5x will arrive at retail later the same month.

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