Designed to be scoring clubs rather than rescue clubs, the two new models offer varied performance characteristics and appearance to appeal to different players and swing types, while the incorporation of the company’s ‘Speed Chassis’ delivers increased ball speed and launch angles.

First developed for the TS drivers and fairway woods, the Speed Chassis of the new hybrids utilises the thinnest face in Titleist’s hybrid making history. 16 percent thinner than the previous 818 hybrid models, the face produces greater ball speeds as well as increased forgiveness across the hitting area.

The thinner face also works together with a new crown structure to save weight that has then been optimally redistributed to lower the centre of gravity (CG), resulting in a higher launch and lower spin flight. The precise weight placement in the head also raising the moment of inertia (MOI) by 10 percent when compared with the 818 range to improve stability and forgiveness.

Designed for maximum distance and forgiveness, the TS2 hybrid will suit players with a shallower, sweeping swing and delivers a higher ball flight perfect for increased carry distances, while its head shape will appeal to golfers who favour a more fairway wood like appearance at address.

Engineered to specifically suit players who hit down on the ball and crave iron-like performance and control from a hybrid, the TS3 incorporates a squarer toe, mid launch angle and is built to offer flight control as well as the precise distances better players require.

“Pretty much every golfer we’ve had test a TS hybrid has had the same reaction – these things just go,” Vice President, Titleist Golf Club Marketing Josh Talge said. “When it comes to the world of golf clubs, hybrids don’t always generate the type of excitement you see with other categories. But with TS hybrids, our R&D (Research and Development) team has developed a hybrid that players will start thinking about as their go-to club. A club they just can’t wait to hit.”

To allow the new TS models to perfectly fit into players’ set makeups or to cater to a specific ball flight preference, both the TS2 and TS3 feature Titleist’s ‘SureFit hosel’ with 16 independent loft and lie settings, while the TS3 also includes the company’s magnetic ‘SureFit CG’ system.

Available in Australian golf shops from August 30, the TS hybrids come standard with a choice of four premium aftermarket shaft options, with an expansive range of custom shafts also on offer.

SRP: $425.

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