JAWS Full Toe is designed by the company to be “the ultimate spin machine” with multiple groove technologies packed into the new model offered in two finishes to raise greenside spin from any and every lie. The new wedges also engineered for control and greater stopping power on full approach shots.

Labelled by Callaway as “the most aggressive groove in golf”, the JAWS grooves do the majority of the work and extend from the hosel all the way to the end of the toe to offer high spinning short game shots no matter where impact occurs.

Beyond the full face of grooves, that are particularly beneficial on open faced flop and bunker shots, Callaway has incorporated offset groove-in-groove technology to enhance surface roughness in the JAWS Full Toe. The spin creation taken even further thanks to a first from Callaway, raw faces.

Offered in a chrome and black finish, both options feature a raw face that adds more ball grabbing power to create friction and increase spin.

Not simply built for spin and spin alone, the JAWS Full Toe wedge offers increased versatility in the form of a specialised C-Grind, created to match the shape of the new model offered in 54°, 56°, 58°, 60° and 64° lofts.

Designed to be played from any lie from hardpan to fluffy bunker sand, the C-Grind and extended toe section of the JAWS Full Toe make it an outstanding option in every short game situation.

Rounding out the performance benefits of the new model, is a focus on improving short game and approach play control.

The toe pad raises the centre of gravity (CG) higher to create a lower more penetrating wedge flight, while the ‘Variable Weight Port System’ shifts the CG away from the hosel for better feel and contact.

JAWS Full Toe wedges comes standard with True Temper’s newest Dynamic Gold Spinner shaft in steel, or a Project X Catalyst wedge shaft in graphite, and will be available around Australia from September 9.

RRP: $269.99

For more information, visit www.callawaygolf.com.au