Featuring “razor sharp grooves” that have been designed with a 37º wall angle for increased edge sharpness, the face of the new model is raw, which allows for rusting over time.

The new face without traditional plating creates a more significant connection between the clubface and the cover of the golf ball to produce higher spin rates and a “one hop and stop” flight from inside 80 metres.

Further heightening spin on the Jaws Raw, which is available in Raw Face Chrome and an un-plated Raw Black Plasma finish, the milled micro grooves of the ‘Groove-in-Groove’ technology are now offset.

Configured at a 20º angle, the smaller grooves lying in between the main grooves get to work on short shots around the green to deliver maximum stopping power where it is needed most.

For the first time ever, Jaws Raw sees tungsten utilised in a Callaway wedge, the material used in the higher lofts to optmise the centre of gravity (CG) position for improved feel and ball flight control, while variable length hosels are used throughout the range of 17 loft and bounce options to deliver the perfect combination of ball flight and forgiveness.

Alongside the established S,W and X grinds the combination of lofts and bounces includes the all-new Z grind.

Described by Cleveland and Callaway as a “more forgiving shot maker’s wedge”, the new sole grind carries a low bounce but has been designed with a leading edge specifically to avoid digging.

The aggressive leading edge chamfer, or symmetrical sloping surface, of the Z grind works like a skid plate for more consistent contact, with all the lob and sand wedges of the new line similarly designed with reduced digging in mind.

As one would expect of a legendary wedger maker like Cleveland, the aesthetics of the Jaws Raw are also top class, with a straighter leading edge and smoother hosel connection that is the result of feedback from the top players in the game.

RRP: $299.99 (Available July 8)

For more information, visit www.callawaygolf.com.au