COST: $249.99.

TESTED BY: Jimmy Emanuel, Golf Australia Writer (GA Handicap 9.4)

MODEL PLAYED: Callaway JAWS MD5 (52˚-10˚ S, 56˚-10˚ S and 60˚-10˚ S), fitted with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue 115 S200 shafts.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Straight out of the box, the new JAWS MD5 wedges impressed me. Simple, clean appearance both at address and in the bag looked great to my eye, while the slightly rounded shape of the higher lofts and squarer look of the lower lofts is exactly what I would expect from a Callaway wedge designed by Roger Cleveland.

As soon as I hit my first chip with the new model the spin off the face stood out. The new grooves and rougher surface area of the face really grabbed the cover of the ball and caused it to immediately check up on the second bounce.

The feel at impact was another area this wedge really grabbed my attention. The soft but solid feel was perfect for mine, and the combination of the shaft weight and head seemed to really match well with my chipping and pitching technique.

HOW IT PERFORMED: As my time went on with the JAWS MD5 wedges the spin remained the absolute standout feature for mine.

Whether it was a chip, pitch, bunker shot or full swing, the ball immediately checked up for me each and every time and was also extremely consistent. This allowed me to confidently play shots to landing areas and know exactly how the ball would react.

High spin aside, the feel of the MD5 wedges was another characteristic I really enjoyed. My personal wedges are forged and there was very little difference in feel when comparing the two side-by-side. According to Callaway, the precise placement of the centre of gravity (CG) is part of what makes the JAWS MD5 feel so good off the face, and this also allowed for great shot-making control.

I was able to hit every short game shot imaginable with the JAWS MD5 from high, soft flop shots to low, hard-spinning pitches from the fairway. This was also in part due to the versatility of the standard sole grind that although it wouldn’t be my first choice for my own clubs, was very usable and never once felt uncomfortable from any lie.

Although spin and flight control are perhaps the most important performance areas for a wedge around the green, distance consistency is crucial when it comes to approach shots, and once again the JAWS MD5 excelled in this area. Each of the three lofts I tested landed in a very tight area time and time again on the range during my testing, and I never once could blame the clubs for missing a green long or short on the course.

Overall, the JAWS MD5 does everything a premium wedge should do. It is versatile from every lie you could possibly find on a golf course, the feel off the face is the right combination of soft and solid, carry distances are consistent and the spin rates might be the highest of any current model wedge I have tried.


SUITABILITY: With lofts ranging from 46˚-64˚ in five sole grinds and two finishes, the JAWS MD5 wedges will suit most golfers and fill any yardage gaps.

SHAFTS: True Temper Dynamic Gold 115 Tour Issue steel and True Temper Project X Catalyst 80 graphite are offered as the standard options.

LEFT-HANDED: The JAWS MD5 is available in 50˚, 52˚, 56˚, 58˚ and 60˚ in left-handed in a number of sole options.

CALLAWAY SAYS: JAWS MD5 wedges, built by Callaway Chief Designer and master wedge maker Roger Cleveland, mark a breakthrough in wedge design and performance.

Mr Cleveland and his extensive research and development (R&D) team have created a new JAWS groove to take spin and control to the next level. The end result is a wedge that delivers total performance, with premium shapes, striking finishes, outstanding versatility, and exceptional spin.

Callaway’s proprietary JAWS groove has been dramatically enhanced in JAWS MD5, elevating the groove-edge sharpness to create maximum grip and spin from all types of lies. These wedges also incorporate proven ‘Groove-In-Groove Technology’. The milled ‘Micro-Positive’ grooves are placed in the flat parts of the face for added surface roughness and grip. Three raised micro-ridges are featured between each groove, adding grip to the ball’s cover to increase spin on a variety of shots.

The wedges are all meticulously crafted – and each JAWS groove is rendered to the tightest tolerances that Callaway has ever achieved, promoting consistent spin-rates from shot to shot.

Additionally, JAWS MD5 provides uniquely satisfying feel from an 8620 mild carbon steel construction and a precisely placed centre of gravity.

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