COST: $479.99.

TESTED BY: Jimmy Emanuel, Golf Australia Writer (GA Handicap 9.4).

MODELS PLAYED: Epic Flash 3-wood with 15˚ loft, fitted with Project X Even Flow Green shaft and Epic Flash Sub Zero 3-wood with 15˚ loft, with Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black shaft.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Callaway has created two great options in the new Epic Flash fairway wood models in every regard.

The appearance of the sole is quite loud, with the Epic green with yellow highlights, but at address both the standard and Sub Zero look very good, with a simple black carbon crown. The Epic Flash inspires a little more confidence at address, with more of the face showing and a slightly closed look, while the Sub Zero has been designed for the better player, with a shallow, open appearance.

Off the face, both models feel great and the flight is powerful with very low spin, the Sub
Zero really standing out for its boring trajectory in windy conditions.

HOW IT PERFORMED: Callaway has brought the majority of its driver technologies to the Epic Flash fairways, and increased distance is certainly the result.

Both models were longer than my own 3-wood with a very similar setup. But, of course, a fairway wood isn’t all about maximum distance and the Epic Flash models weren’t catching up to my driver to cause a set makeup issue.

The power was clear straight away from the ball flights of both models, which were penetrating and very straight. The standard model launches a little higher, with a slightly higher pitched sound, and is certainly more forgiving. If there was an issue with the Epic Flash, working the ball is difficult to achieve, but when taking 3-wood from the bag most players are generally trying to hit the straightest shot possible, so this is in no way a major problem.

For those players that do want more workability, the Sub Zero is easier to manoeuvre both ways, this of course offset by a reduction in forgiveness.

The Sub Zero’s flight continued to be a standout for mine, however, slower swing speed players may struggle to get the lower spinning model up in the air to get enough carry distance and should probably lean towards the standard model.

In addition to slightly varied flight characteristics and appearance, the Sub Zero also features interchangeable weights. Moving the heavier weight to the back of the head did help to raise the flight a little, and also changed the sound to a slightly higher one. Although my own 3-wood produces a more solid sound, I wouldn’t describe either Epic Flash as feeling tinny in any way.

Callaway has brought its adjustable hosel back for the Epic Flash models after releasing the glued Rogue in 2018. The hosel has had weight and size removed and is certainly less noticeable at address than in previous models, while still allowing for a range of settings that had a noticeable effect on ball flights.

Although the consistent sight of a straight, powerful shot with the standard model was hard to look past, I slightly preferred the Sub Zero for both the open face angle at address and slightly lower spin flight, as well as a more muted sound and feel.


SUITABILITY: With a variety of shafts and lofts available, as well as the two models offering different performance characteristics, the Epic Flash fairway woods will suit every golfer.

SHAFTS: Project X EvenFlow, Project X HZRDUS Smoke and Mitsubishi Tensei AV are offered as stock shaft options.

LEFT-HANDED: The standard Epic Flash is offered in 3W, 5W, Heavenwood and 7W, while the Sub Zero model is available in 3+W and 3W.

CALLAWAY SAYS: Epic Flash fairway woods feature ground-breaking ‘Flash Face’ technology to help golfers of every level and swing speed get more ball speed and distance.

Callaway took the insights acquired from using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Machine Learning to develop Flash Face drivers. And applied what was learned to create an ultra-thin, forged ‘Carpenter 455’ steel clubface for Epic Flash fairway woods that also incorporates ‘Face Cup’ technology.

The result is a uniquely designed clubface that’s engineered for high COR across a large area, to promote fast ball speed on both centre and off-centre hits.

Within the clubhead, Callaway’s ‘Jailbreak’ technology is the engine that promotes increased ball speed. It features two internal bars that connect the crown to the sole, allowing the face to take on greater impact load to generate faster ball speed.

The Epic Flash Sub Zero incorporates adjustable sole weighting, consisting of interchangeable 16-and 2-gram weights.

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