Queenslander Maverick Antcliff is certainly not short of special achievements in the game and moments many would think might make the top of his list.

Winning three times on the China Tour last year and earning a European Tour card was no doubt special. However, professional wins aren’t the first special occasions that come to mind for Antcliff.

Playing College golf in Augusta, Georgia and attending The Masters and playing at Augusta National Golf Club? Special, no doubt. But even this fails to top the soon to be 27-year-old’s list, which sees a moment from his junior days take top billing.

“I remember the first time I actually ever shot under par,” Antcliff told Golf Australia magazine.

“I was 13, playing a junior tournament up at Bargara, near Bundaberg in Queensland. And it wasn’t a national event or a ranking event for the Queensland state team or anything like that, but for some reason, it was in the school holidays, everyone went up there, it was just a big and really strong field.

“Everyone wanted to win it, but it didn’t really matter if you did.

“I was 13, I was playing with a couple of decent players, for some reason they put younger guys, like me at the time, with better players in the groups.

“I was playing off a handicap of about four and I had never shot under par.

“I shot one under, I had to make like a five-foot, left-to-right putt on the last hole to break par, and made it.

“That always springs to mind when it comes to special golf memories.

“It was a three day event, I honestly can’t even remember if I won my age group in the event after that round. Obliviously, guys like ‘Smithy’ (Cameron Smith) probably shot 20-under for three days or something, but I remember that round.

“It was one of those ones. Up at Bargara, it’s on the beach, Mum would always take me up there, so she was out there watching, which made it pretty cool.”

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