Not unlike his full swing, Scott’s address position and setup (pic 1) over this short putt on the putting green at The Players Championship is one to stick on the wall and mimic if you are employing the long putter as he does.

Scott looks athletic as he sets up to the ball even with a putter of around 50 inches in length, but is slightly further away than in 2013 and has a slightly more rounded upper back. These changes, undoubtedly made to ensure a lack of an anchor point and to make room for the butt of the club to move without touching his body, are very minor to keep the motion as close to the one he employed when anchoring.

Scott described his new unanchored stroke at the Australian PGA in November 2017 and again at this year’s Players Championship as being very similar to the one he utilised when the thumb of his left hand was pushed into his sternum.

“It just doesn’t feel much different at all than whether it’s anchored to the body or not. I mean, it’s doing the same thing it feels like to me,” Scott said.

As Adam takes the putter away and returns it to impact (pics 1,2,3) notice how he maintains his body positions and angles, one of the major benefits and characteristics of a stroke with the long putter, which has been lacking in recent years when he has used the short putter.