“I mean the height advantage of this club, you just can’t compare. Golf clubs are geared for speed now, so when you know have the speed, you’re really looking for the control, you're looking for that balance – and that’s what this club gives you,” Scott said of the new models.

The U•500 and U•510, are designed to expand options for players at the top end of their set make-up. Delivering increased distance when compared with a traditional long iron, while lowering the spin of an equivalent lofted hybrid, the two new models offer varied performance and appearance to cater to a wide range of players.

“There are a lot of golfers out there who don’t want to play a hybrid, but are still searching for that kind of performance at the long end of their iron set,” Vice President Titleist Golf Clubs Josh Talge said of the new series. “They want to be able to launch it higher and farther, they want to be able to shape shots, they want to be able to land it close to the hole – they just want to do it with an iron in their hands. Everything that went into U•500 and U•510 was geared towards giving these golfers the performance, look and feel they’ve always hoped for in a long iron, and maybe didn’t think was possible.”

Both the U•500 and U•510 feature a thin, forged ‘SUP-10 L-Face’ insert that is engineered to produce increased ball speeds across the entire face, while over 90 grams of high density tungsten is precisely placed in each model to deliver desired centre of gravity (CG) locations and greater moment of inertia (MOI) to also increase forgiveness and stability.

Offered in a 2-iron, 3-iron and 4-iron and described by the company as “the player’s utility iron”, the U•500 incorporates a low CG and more compact shape that will appeal to better players. Designed to offer ultimate ball flight and distance control, the U•500 produces a high launching flight perfectly suited for approaching greens as well as strategic play from the tee.

“U•500 is the incredibly versatile utility iron that tour players have been asking us for,” Director of Iron Development, Titleist Golf Club R&D Marni Ines said. “It shares a similar size and shape to our prior generation T-MB iron, but has been completely reimagined to give players specialized long iron performance. It’s faster, launches higher, lands softer, and feels better through impact.”

Incorporating a wider sole, hybrid like performance and more forgiveness than its new stablemate, the U•510’s lower and deeper CG help produce a higher launch from both the tee and ground that even allowed Titleist to add a 16˚ 1-iron option in addition to 2-, 3- and 4-irons.

“U•510 is the launch king,” Ines said. “The larger shape and wide sole allowed us to place the tungsten weighting so that the CG is lower and further back than any iron we’ve developed – and what that translates into is a lot of launch angle. The ball just gets up and out and goes.”

Available for fittings beginning mid-August and in Australian golf shops from August 30, the U Series utility irons will come with Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 90 shafts as standard, following the popularity of graphite shafts with Tour players, while all hybrid and iron stock shafts in Titleist’s shaft matrix will be available at no upcharge.

SRP: $379.

For more information, visit www.titleist.com.au