The project resulting in the new TS2 and TS3 drivers featuring the all new ‘Titleist Speed Chassis’. With the new models set to arrive in Australian golf shops on September 28, having already found their way into the bags of over 100 of the world’s best players, including Justin Thomas and Adam Scott, and claimed multiple wins on the PGA Tour.

“From start to finish, the TS Project was about driving ball speed and unlocking a level of performance that golfers simply couldn’t ignore,” Vice President of Titleist Golf Club Marketing Josh Talge said. “In order to do that, we knew we had to look at things differently. We challenged ourselves to deconstruct the driver and then literally build it back up, piece by piece, to be faster, longer and better in every way possible.

“R&D had been exploring some unique constructions early on that were really compelling in theory, but they simply couldn’t beat the performance of our all-titanium Speed Chassis. We know performance is the story that golfers care about. From the ball speed and distance gains we’re seeing both on tour and with amateur golfers, it’s clear that TS metals deliver a new level of Titleist Speed.”

The new Speed Chassis achieves the increased ball speeds Titleist’s Tour Staff requested, as well as a higher launch with lower spin and increased moment of inertia (MOI), through four primary innovations.

Twenty percent thinner than the crown of the 917 series of drivers, the extremely thin cast titanium crown of the TS series drivers saves weight that is then optimally redistributed lower and deeper in the head.

Similarly reducing weight (by up to six grams) in unwanted areas, a thinner titanium face features an updated ‘Radial VFT’ (variable face thickness) that delivers more ball speed and forgiveness across a larger area of the face.

The saved weight from the new face and crown designs is precisely placed in the new TS models to achieve “the lowest centre of gravity (CG) ever in a Titleist driver”. The lower CG producing a powerful high launch, low spin ball flight and a MOI increase of 12 percent on the previous 917 models. 

Finally, a refined aerodynamic head shape reduces drag by around 20 percent to further increase ball speeds through greater clubhead speeds.

Featuring Titleist’s ‘SureFit’ hosel with 16 loft and lie settings, the TS2 and TS3 drivers offer two distinct options for players, whether they favour forgiveness or adjustability allowing complete customisation.

Available in 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5° and 11.5°, the TS2 is built to deliver power and accuracy. A fixed CG is placed low and deep and combines with a modern 460cc head shape to allow confidence through forgiveness and a higher trajectory than the TS3.

Offered in 8.5°, 9.5° and 10.5°
, the TS3 incorporates a more traditional shape and mid launch, low spin ball flight that will appeal to better players. In addition to the adjustable swingweight also offered in the more forgiving TS2, the TS3 incorporates Titleist’s ‘SureFit CG’ that allows players to move the CG to find their optimal ball flight and achieve what the company calls “speed-tuned distance”.

Similarly offering a more forgiving option (TS2) and a more adjustable version with SureFit CG (TS3), the new TS fairway woods have also benefited from the company’s Speed Project, with the TS2 the longest and most forgiving Titleist fairway wood in history.

Both models feature a SureFit hosel and the new Speed Chassis, which like the TS drivers utilises an ultra-thin crown, a thinner and faster face and optimised weight distribution for increased ball speeds, optimal launch and improved forgiveness.

Whereas the Speed Chassis eliminated the need for the company’s ‘Active Recoil Channel’ in the new drivers, due to strikes low on the face caused by being hit from the ground, the TS fairway woods feature an updated version known as ‘ARC 3.0’ that is taller to increase the flexibility of the clubface for more consistent speeds across a wider area.

“The new TS2 fairway is unlike any fairway we’ve ever made,” Talge said. “It is a high-launching, low-spinning distance machine that is unbelievably forgiving and will change the way many players look at a fairway wood with how easy it is to get up in the air. TS3 is also incredibly fast and forgiving and allows those players who like to work the ball or need more shot control to really dial-in their performance.”

TS2 and TS3 drivers and fairway woods come with four premium aftermarket shaft models, Kuro Kage Black Dual Core, Tensei AV Series Blue, HZRDUS Smoke Black and Even Flow T1100 White, as standard, with a range of other shaft options available. 

SRP: $779 (drivers); $459 (fairway woods).

Fittings for the new TS woods are available now at Titleist Fitting Days and Trial events. To book a place or to find out more about the new models, visit