Featuring six models, mixed of classic, popular modern and high moment of inertia (MOI) shapes, the new line first appeared on the PGA Tour the week following The Masters and has found its way into the bag of former World No.1 Dustin Johnson.

Named for iconic golf regions around the world, the new range features a variety of head shapes and neck configurations to suit every golfer and stroke type, with the purist a main source of targeted inspiration during the creation process.

“We relied on precision milling and the new Hydro Blast finish to deliver an artisan look to this family of premium putters. Through clean aesthetics, time-honoured shaping and superior feel, we’ve blended the modern with the traditional to create a new class of classic,” TaylorMade’s Bill Price said of the new range.

Fully milled heads made of 303 stainless steel are finished with the Hyrdo Blast finish first debuted in the Spider X line this year. The durable, premium look is created through using high pressure application of water to the stainless steel.

Also borrowed from the very popular Spider X range favoured by players like Rory McIlroy, is the ‘White Pure Roll Insert’ that contains grooves angled downward at 45° to improve forward roll off the face and combines with the stainless steel body to deliver a premium feel.

Every top-of-the-line putter range needs a classic blade style option in the mould of the flatsticks favoured by so many great putters throughout the game’s history, and in the TP Hydro Blast it is the Soto.

Sporting a classic plumber’s neck and plenty of toe hang, the Soto features soft, flowing lines and a single alignment aid in the cavity.

Following the trend of a wide body blade that has continued to increase in recent years, the Del Monte blends blade and mallet characteristics and is available in a plumber’s neck or double bend shaft to cater to different toe hang needs.

Another of the line-up to mimic the trends of putters on Tour, the Bandon is a wingback mallet that once again caters to golfers who find themselves looking for more stability and forgiveness than a blade without wanting the extreme of an oversized MOI driven putter.

Again offered in two neck varietals – plumber’s and flow neck – the Bandon was Johnson’s putter of choice at last week’s US Open.

Face balanced and built with serious alignment help, the DuPage is an updated mallet style putter. Lines and a dual-slot cavity frame the ball when looking down on the DuPage and help golfers get their ball started on their desired target line with plenty of forgiveness on off centre strikes.

Rounding out the TP Hyrdo Blast range is the Chaska, a return to a previous TaylorMade putter shape that proved popular both on Tour and with recreational golfers.

Also face balanced, the Chaska, which uses the design of the Corza Ghost, incorporates a circular alignment aid at the rear of the rounded head, as well as three lines that run all the way to the face to frame the ball, and is built for stability.

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