Designed with Tour players and elite amateurs in mind, the Z-Forged irons offer the looks, feel and workability of classic blade irons, mixed with versatility, as well as modern technology and shaping to update the style of iron played by some of the best ball strikers in the world.

Forged from a single billet of 1020 carbon steel, the feel of the Z-Forged is in line with, and even improves upon, the feel of Srixon’s Z-785 models that the company called its “best feeling irons we’ve ever made” when released late last year. The muscle-back construction of the company’s most recent release helping to improve the feel, while also delivering skilled ball strikers complete shot shaping and ball flight control.

To improve turf interaction compared with the previous Z-965 blade irons and better suit the steeper angles of attack of top ball strikers, Srixon updated the ‘Tour V.T. Sole’ in the Z-Forged. The new version of the sole grind, which features two drastically different bounce angles on the leading and trailing edges, designed to deliver more consistency of strike, while also enhancing the Z-Forged’s versatility from a variety of lies.

To further appeal to blade iron devotees and better players, when compared to previous Srixon muscle-back irons the Z-Forged possess a thinner topline.

RRP: $199.95 per iron (steel); $235.95 per iron (graphite).

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