The Putt18 putting mat game is one way you can improve your putting as well as having a lot of fun playing a variety of golf games.

Putt 18 scores like a round of golf and is a par-72. You can play nine or 18 holes, single player or team matches and stroke or match play competitions. There are water hazards and bunkers to avoid as well as a selection of wild cards –including mulligan and challenge cards – that adds some fun to a competition.

No two putts are the same on the Putt18 putting mat. You putt 18 times from 18 different lines, with each putt being strokes from a slightly different length and angle, which trains your eyes to see subtle variations in length and is a perfect way to hone your distance control.

The circular targets make you focus on accuracy and distance control and not so much on ‘sinking’ the putt. With Putt18, you can start off by trying to putt the ball into the largest circular point and then move to the small circular points over time. This increases your skill level gradually and for the longer term.

The Putt18 putting mat is portable and easy to roll out and put away into its carry case; it only requires a firm flat surface around 3 metres x 1 metre (3ft x 9ft).

A common criticism of indoor putting mats is that they don’t lay flat, they don’t simulate real life putting and they move around. Extensive research and development has gone into making the Putt18 golf putting mat a robust mat with a non-slip backing that lays flat. The material has passed stringent Stimpmeter tests in simulating a golf ball roll and speed of a putting green.

The Putt18 putting mat game is a lot of fun, for golfers and non-golfers of all ages. You can play 18 holes by yourself in about three minutes, or have a longer game with the rest of your isolating family members.

RRP: $179.95 (includes the mat, game rules, scorecards and a set of wild cards)

The Putt18 putting mat game can be ordered online at