Joining the G410 Plus – the first PING driver model to feature adjustable weight technology – and the SFT, the LST model has been a work in progress for some time. PING President John K. Solheim offering an insight into the company’s famous engineering standards when launching the new product.

“With the tremendous success of the G410 Plus and SFT drivers introduced earlier this year, we’re pleased to add the highly anticipated G410 LST model to the line-up,” Solheim said. “It took us a little longer than planned but that was only because our first iteration didn’t out-perform the G400 LST. We re-worked the design to meet our performance improvement standards and are excited to get the G410 LST driver into golfer’s hands.

“The head size is slightly smaller than the Plus model and the centre of gravity (CG) is positioned to reduce spin several hundred rpm while still providing extremely high forgiveness. The combination of lower spin and more stability plus the ability to dial in the shot shape with our movable-weight technology greatly expands the types of golfers who can benefit from the technology of the G410 LST driver.”

Featuring a more rounded and pear shape look at address and sitting slightly open, the G410 LST measures 450cc and incorporates the same technologies as its Plus stablemate.

The company’s ‘Turbulators’ help deliver improved aerodynamics for greater swing speed, while the forged, ‘T9S+’ face increases ball speeds across the entire face through greater face flexing.

The movable system offers three settings (neutral, draw, fade) to allow the G410 LST to fit a greater range of players and ball flights, and partners with a new hosel system offering eight settings instead of the previous five to expand fitting options.

Internally, PING’s ‘Dragonfly’ technology helps to reduce weight in the crown that is then repositioned to the outermost points of the clubhead for a three percent moment of inertia (MOI) improvement on the previous G400 LST model, enhancing the forgiveness.

Spin reductions delivered by the slightly forward CG position range from 200-400rpm and allow PING’s trained fitters to dial in an ideal ball flight for players with a variety of miss tendencies or those looking for lower spinning launch conditions.

The G410 LST is offered in 9˚ and 10.5˚ heads with a range of four shaft options available at no upcharge.

RRP: $799.

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