Golfers who set up with poor posture and alignment when putting harm their chances of making putts on a consistent basis. And while a large number of players understand the theory, and benefits, of proper alignment when putting, few options are available that allow instant feedback on alignment and setup when out on course.

Odyssey’s face balanced Red Ball mallet, which features a high moment of inertia (MOI) design for stability, incorporates a ‘red ball’ and ‘scope’ to offer golfers a clear confirmation as to whether they are setup correctly over a putt.

If the red ball is perfectly in the centre of the scope, the golfer can be sure their eyes are in the right place to give them the best chance to make the putt. If the ball appears high, low, left or right in the scope an adjustment is required.

To compliment the new technology and further increase the chances of correctly aiming the putter face, Odyssey has added its ‘Versa’ alignment technology to the Red Ball putter. While a ‘White Hot RX’ face insert delivers improved forward roll as well as the famous Odyssey sound and feel.

“Odyssey has a rich history of creating ground-breaking technologies – transformational inserts, iconic head shapes and alignment aids like Versa. Our global brand dominance is now further strengthened with the introduction of Red Ball,” General Manager of Odyssey Golf Sean Toulon said.

“By combining all-new Red Ball Technology with Versa and our legendary White Hot RX insert, we are, once again, raising the bar of putter performance that golfers of all ability can enjoy.”

The Red Ball will be available in Australia beginning August 3, and will be offered in 34 and 35 inches for right handers and 35 inches for left handed players.

RRP: $259.99.

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