The latest premium range – Tour B – are the “most innovative and performance oriented offerings in company history” according to Bridgestone Golf and are available in stores now around Australia.

Designed to replace the extremely popular B330 line the new range includes four models – Tour B X, XS, RX and RXS – all optimally formulated for a variety of different players, with the company’s collected data stores from over 3million in person and online ball fittings as well as white label surveys utilised to direct the R&D process. And deliver player specific benefits.

“The secret to our success is in the data, as we rely on our database of millions of swings to understand how golfers of all skill levels are hitting the ball,” Bridgestone Golf Marketing Manager Elliot Mellow said. “We then start to build out player personas based on trends and collaborate with third party golf industry data sources to further fine-tune each persona bucket. Once we have established exact needs of different players we determine which of our proprietary technologies can help them rise above the competition.”

As the owners of more than 1000 golf ball patents and with nearly the same number of polymer engineers in Bridgestone’s employ, the company uses its history of innovative rubber technology to further golf ball performance through technological advancements.

Each Tour B model benefitting from an increased core size featuring a more significant gradient in softness from inside to out for increased ball speed and lower driver spin. A seamless ‘SlipRes’ cover, which is more consistent and achieves the highest friction rating possible for outstanding spin from every lie and increased durability. And aerodynamically designed ‘dual-dimples’ working individually on launch and land angles to increase distance and wind performance.

Designed for low handicap players, the Tour B X and XS don’t simply replace the B330 and B330-S but improve upon the key characteristics of spin and distance. A softer cover is responsible for increased spin around the greens, while the improved dimple design delivers distance gains on the previous versions.

Tour B X produces less side spin for a more accurate and straighter flight when compared with the XS, which is engineered for ball speed and distance and is the ball of choice for 14-time Major champion Woods.

Having achieved enormous popularity with its B330-RX and RXS designed for slightly slower swing speed golfers looking for premium golf ball performance Bridgestone has created the Tour B RX and RXS for the same players. Both models feature an additional eight dual dimples compared to the X and XS as well as a high repulsion core for faster ball speeds and distance. Again the RX offers lower side spin and accuracy while the RXS delivers what the company calls “unmatched feel”.

“We don’t try to shoe-horn golfers into a ball that doesn’t fit their game,” Bridgestone Golf Ball Fitting’s Adam Rehberg said. “Plain and simple, our goal is to help golfers find the ball that will lower their scores by maximizing performance from tee to green.”

RRP: $69.99 (dozen).

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