The decision will see the course retain its 18-hole layout for members, visitors and corporate golf events.

Warringah Golf Club President, Mr Scott Campbell, said the decision was a victory for the community and added the decision would provide the club with long-term surety after enduring years of uncertainty.

“This is a win for the northern beaches community, and for golfers of all ages and abilities," Mr Campbell said.

"It has been a long and exhaustive process, but the club can now move forward to an exciting new future.

“We would particularly like to thank our members, northern beaches residents, the Council and councillors who voiced their strong objection to plans to reduce the course to nine holes."

Over 65,000 rounds of golf will continue to be played at Warringah each year, offering residents a healthy and inclusive sports and recreational activity in the Northern Beaches area.

"It has been a long and exhaustive process, but the club can now move forward to an exciting new future.” – Scott Campbell, Warringah Golf Club President

The decision also allows locals to maintain meaningful social and community networks which could otherwise have been lost.

Mr Campbell said the club would, over time, invest in major works and equipment once the new lease is signed with Council.

“We have been in limbo for almost four years since the District Park Plan of Management was adopted by the former Warringah Council, then placed on hold by the former Council Administrator," he said.

“We will roll out and continue to solely fund a major works program for the course, and purchase new equipment once the new lease has been signed with Council."

Mr Campbell said the club would maintain in open dialogue with Council regarding the construction of a new sports and community building and the possible relocation of its clubhouse within District Park.

Mr Campbell also said club memberships would continue to be available, saying Warringah was the most affordable of the 18-hole outlets on the northern beaches.

"We now hope we can rebuild our membership following the protracted uncertainty we have experienced," Mr Campbell added.

- David Tease, Golf NSW