Described by Cobra as its “fastest, most technologically advanced driver family ever”, the KING SPEEDZONE and KING SPEEDZONE XTREME feature six optimised zones of performance in every element of the head design.

“Our new KING SPEEDZONE drivers emphatically answered the question we are always asked – can you really improve the driver any further and stay within the rules of golf? That answer is yes,” Vice President of R&D for Cobra Golf Tom Olsavsky said. “By approaching design the same way you would if you were trying to create the world’s fastest cars, we left nothing on the table in terms of speed considerations. With our six zones of performance, SPEEDZONE is the fastest driver that we have ever produced.”

The standard SPEEDZONE driver possesses a traditional profile and front to back centre of gravity (CG) adjustability to further optimise ball flight and spin, while the SPEEDZONE XTREME offers maximum forgiveness through its larger shape, increased perimeter weighting and precisely placed tungsten weighting that helps produce the highest moment of inertia (MOI) of any driver in the company’s history.

The six zones of performance featured in both new models are broken down into power, strength, light, low CG, aero and stability, some refinements on existing Cobra technologies, with others all-new technologies designed specifically for the SPEEDZONE drivers, which alongside the rest of new line will be available at retail beginning January 17 2020.

The only CNC milled driver face currently on the market forms the power zone of the new models, the face featuring a 95 percent increase in milled area that allowed Cobra’s designers to precisely control the face and leading edge thickness of the new drivers. The milling process also produces five times more precise face curvature than traditional hand polishing methods, and every face is closely inspected to ensure consistency.

An all new ‘Titanium T-bar Speed Chassis’ provides what the company has labelled the drivers’ strength zone. Removing unnecessary titanium from the head without sacrificing the structure required to withstand the impact of striking a golf ball, the new chassis allows for discretionary weight to be used to enhance CG and MOI, while also enabling the use of more carbon fibre than in previous models as part of the light zone.

A ‘360 Carbon Wrap Crown’ is more than half of the KING SPEEDZONE drivers’ body, which like the titanium T-Bar design, ensures support and strength and saves 25 grams of weight.

To lower the CG on its previous KING F9 Speedback driver, Cobra has taken the weight savings described earlier and precisely located it low and deep in the head to produce maximum ball speed, higher launch and lower spin.

As in previous models, the aerodynamics of the new models have been enhanced to reduce drag and increase clubhead speed, while the stability zone ensures straighter drives on strikes across the entire face.

Offered in three varied head designs, the new SPEEDZONE fairway woods similarly incorporate performance in four key zones –power, flex, stability and light – and appeal to a wide spectrum of abilities and preferences.

The KING SPEEDZONE, Tour and Big Tour offer different appearance and ball flight characteristics, while all incorporating the only CNC Milled face in a fairway wood, an all-new split rail structure that features a partially hollow rail on the sole to increase flex and ball speed at impact while maintaining the anti-digging properties of the previous ‘Baffler’ rails and enhancing stability, as well as a carbon crown to save weight.

The standard fairway model offers a traditional appearance and is engineered for increased forgiveness and playability with a higher trajectory, while the Tour model possesses a more compact head shape and boring trajectory and the Big Tour offering owns the largest head size, stronger lofts, forward CG placement and a near zero CGna, all combining for maximum distance, high launch and low spin.

Complementing the wood range, the KING SPEEDZONE hybrids will be offered in both variable and one length offerings to match Cobra’s irons offerings.

A slightly larger head helps to increase the MOI of the new hybrid, which like the fairway woods of the same name utilises the new hollow split rail technology.

Back weighted for higher launch and spin to deliver maximum carry distances, the hybrids are powered by a ‘forged E9 face’ that is thinner than previous iterations and crafted from 455 stainless steel.

Again, focused on key zones of performance and inspired by the technologically advanced world of race car manufacturing, the KING SPEEDZONE irons round out the new range and feature a first ever for Cobra golf.

Offered in variable and one length sets, the KING SPEEDZONE irons incorporate two carbon fibre strips as part of the topline construction that save weight that can then be redistributed to lower areas of the heads in the 4-7 irons for increased ball speed and launch.

To increase stability, the new irons feature what the company calls “SPEEDBACK shaping”, which utilises a wider body design around the perimeter of the club for higher MOI and more precise CG placement, with a new forged ‘PWRSHELL’ face incorporating an updated ‘E9’ face producing greater ball speeds and forgiveness.

Complementing the gains in forgiveness and distance, a co-moulded medallion system helps to dampen vibrations caused at impact for improved feel and 100 percent CNC milled loft specific grooves provide optimal performance in each individual iron.

“When designing irons, there is a delicate balance of delivering playability, feel and distance, and the SPEEDZONE irons in both traditional and ONE length make-ups provide all three attributes in spades,” Olsavsky said of the new models. “Our innovative SPEEDZONE technology has allowed us to maximize distance without giving up any feel or forgiveness.”

As has been the case with the company’s other recent product launches, the KING SPEEDZONE range of clubs, which is available in men’s and ladies models, will all come standard with ‘COBRA CONNECT Powered by Arccos’, the award-winning smart golf system featuring electronically enabled grips allowing golfers to track their performance and utilise the Arccos Caddie software.

RRP: $729 (drivers), $449 (fairways), $349 (hybrid), $199 per iron (steel).

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