The KING Utility iron is designed for players who seek maximum control and precision on tee shots and longer approach shots on par-5s.

A classic, muscle-back iron shape delivers the feeling of controlled ball flights, while a wider sole and hollow body provides stability, power, and a low cantered centre of gravity (CG) for trajectories that are high and penetrating, while a ‘PWRSHELL’ face insert adds to the performance by expanding the sweet zone for improved ball speeds on off- centre hits and launch efficiency for improved trajectory.

Normally only found in metalwoods, COBRA engineers integrated into the Utility design the trusted ‘COBRA MyFly8’ technology, a series of eight adjustable loft settings that give users the ability to manage trajectory and launch for proper distance gapping. Additionally, the KING Utility irons are geared with ‘COBRA CONNECT Powered by Arccos Caddie’, an artificial intelligence system that utilises ‘Smart Grips’ with embedded sensors to track and record distance and accuracy data on the Arccos Caddie app.

COBRA blends a classic design with cutting-edge engineering, including a hollow-body design, forged PWRSHELL Face, and tungsten weighting, to deliver superior performance that users can track and analyse using the in-depth data provided by the Arccos Caddie system.

The KING Utility is also offered in a ‘ONE Length’ configuration, which shares the technologies of its variable-length counterpart, but is designed at 7-iron length (37.50”), making it a perfect complement to any of COBRA’S ONE length iron offerings.

Having a constant length throughout the set promotes one repeatable set-up and swing for more consistency, while the head design and weighting are fine-tuned to provide uniformity of feel through the set.

Traditional variable-length players can also benefit from the consistency and accuracy of the ONE Length Utility iron.

After analysing player test and ‘GEARS’ test results, a shorter length has been shown to improve playability in the long irons and promote centre contact for more precision.

RRP: $329 (steel shaft); $349 (graphite). Available July 18.

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