Whether that’s because of his playing achievements – like winning the US Open in 2006 – his course design work, or his willingness to share meaningful opinions on the state of the game, Ogilvy has become one of our sport’s most well-respected voices and has earnt his seat at any golf-related table.

Now, Ogilvy, who is one of Golf Australia magazine’s monthly columnists, has partnered with Mastercard to share his valuable insights through a series of free digital lessons.

“Virtual experiences have become the new normal for so many people as we’ve settled into lockdown life,” Ogilvy says in reference to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“With golf clubs (temporarily) shutting and social restrictions still in place, digital experiences offer a new way for people to learn more about their passions and sharpen their skills from home. To help people fill in their spare time, I’ve partnered with Mastercard to offer tips on how to chip, putt and drive, which are available to download for free.”

Ogilvy presents tips on how to chip, putt and drive. PHOTO: Supplied.

The 42-year-old Victorian has recorded three downloadable tutorials to help golfers of all skill levels practice safely and effectively in the comfort of their own homes, adding that the lessons have also helped him keep his mental game strong.

“The more you play, the more mental the game gets. When you’re a beginner, it’s a very physical game, but once you have all the skills, it’s totally mental,” Ogilvy explains.

“During the lockdown, it’s been more important than ever to keep my mental side strong, by finding new ways to stay engaged with the game. I’ve used digital experiences as a way to stay connected to my passion for golf, and as an opportunity to help others along the way.”

Ogilvy's digital lessons are available for free through Mastercard’s Priceless Cities program. PHOTO: Supplied.

The three-time World Golf Championships winner, who is currently based in Melbourne, says restrictions introduced during the coronavirus pandemic have made him realise how much he still loves the game, which he has played professionally since 1998.

“The pandemic has been a weird period, that’s for sure. As restrictions began to come into place, it felt strange to not be able to get up every morning and play golf,” Ogilvy says.

“It’s made me appreciate how nice it is to get out and do what I want to do. On the other hand, it’s allowed me to find different ways to explore my passions, including offering golf lessons through Mastercard’s Priceless Cities program.”

Ogilvy’s free digital lessons are available until January 5, 2022, through Mastercard’s Priceless Cities program and are delivered via three pre-recorded files. Click here for more information.