The company’s Tour level balls that are used by players at the top level, including currently by major champions Phil Mickelson and Francesco Molinari, feature an all-new core and mantle design, the new versions built for greater distance both off the tee and throughout the entire bag.

Containing a high tech, graphene-infused ‘Dual SoftFast Core’, the new Chrome Soft maximises compression energy thanks to a larger inner core, resulting in higher launch angles and lower spin, a distance improving combination. To ensure consistency of delivery of this increased speed, a new ionomer material has been incorporated into the mantle system, creating a more efficient energy transfer while also producing a more penetrating flight throughout the bag.

To maintain the soft feel Chrome Soft has built its reputation on, the new iteration features a thinner urethane cover that is extremely resilient and works together with the core and mantle to produce optimal feel, as well as lower spin in the longer clubs and increased greenside spin and control. The new Chrome Soft also utilising refined aerodynamics to reduce drag and further enhance distance.

Announced alongside the standard version and similarly available in a number of colours, Truvis options and with Callaway’s ‘Triple Track Technology’, the new Chrome Soft X has also been enhanced to deliver increased speed and distance and is the “fastest, most advanced ball we’ve ever made” according to Callaway.

A new high speed core and ‘Dual Mantle’ system are the engine behind the redesigned Chrome Soft X. The larger inner core generating greater ball speeds, particularly for higher swing speed players, while the combination of softer inner and firmer outer mantle layers work together, with pure distance the driving factor behind the new mantle system.

Like the softer feeling Chrome Soft, the new X version also features a thinner cover for optimal spin increases and reduction where needed, as well as improved feel.

RRP: $74.99 per iron (dozen).

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