It is easy to understand why a long, straight distance ball that’s incredibly soft is extremely popular with golfers. The new Callaway Supersoft has been designed to further increase those same performance characteristics that have made it the choice for so many players.

The company’s lowest compression core ever is complimented by a refined ‘HEX Aerodynamics’ that increase lift and reduce drag, the combination producing more distance and accuracy, while the new softer ‘Trionomer cover’ increases greenside spin and maintains the extremely soft feel the Supersoft model built its reputation on.

RRP: $39.99
WEBSITE: www.callawaygolf.com.au


Callaway developed the Supersoft Magna with one aim, to make the game easier with a larger ball.

Conforming to the Rules of Golf, the Supersoft Magna features the same technologies and performance as its namesake in an oversized model.

The larger size creates a higher centre of gravity (CG) and MOI to allow launch conditions as if the ball were teed up from any and every lie. The better contact and higher shots adds to the confidence-inspiring look of setting your club down behind a physically bigger ball for players who struggle with consistent contact.

RRP: $39.99
WEBSITE: www.callawaygolf.com.au


Utilising the same dimple technology as the ‘V’ model from Mizuno, the RB566 is a softer compression two-piece golf ball perfect for golfers with mid to low swing speeds.

The softest feeling ball in the Mizuno range, the RB566 offers a mid-launch, low spin flight off the tee with increased spin around the green that is partnered with improved feel from the ionomer cover at a lower price point.

RRP: $35.
WEBSITE: www.mizuno.com.au


Srixon’s Soft Feel is into its 11th generation, the popularity of the ball with Australian golfers making it easy to understand why the model remains a consistent part of the company’s expansive golf ball offering.

Suited to golfers looking to maximise distance and control while also enjoying a soft feel at impact, the new model is offered in both ‘Pure White’ and ‘Tour Yellow’.

Featuring an ‘Energetic Gradient Growth Core’ producing a high launch, low spin flight off the tee and a soft, thin cover that enhances the feel of the soft core and produces more spin around the greens, the new Soft Feel utilises 338 Speed dimples to reduce drag for longer drives and better wind performance.

RRP: $34.95.
WEBSITE: www.srixon.com.au


Another of the mainstays in the Srixon golf ball range, the new Q-Star takes its technological lead from the company’s premium models in a more affordable option.

An all-new FastLayer Core gradually stiffens from soft in the centre to generate speed and distance combined with outstanding feel off the clubface.

Like the Soft Feel, the Q-Star is available in white and yellow options to cater to any preferences and incorporates the company’s 338 Speed Dimple Pattern on the cover, which uses Spin Skin with SeRM like the Z-Star and Tour version to create more spin around the greens.

The combination? A ball built for all-round performance and impressive feel.

RRP: $39.95
WEBSITE: www.srixon.com.au


Designed for slower swing speed players, the Srixon UltiSoft is an ultra-soft model offering improved launch conditions for distance.

The extremely low compression Energetic Gradient Growth core assists those unable to compress firmer models to achieve higher launch angles with low spin for maximum distance off the tee.

The soft, thin cover incorporates the same number of aerodynamically-designed dimples as the other balls in the Srixon range and creates greater control and an optimal trajectory, as well as more spin when it’s needed and enhances the soft feel.

RRP: $34.95.
WEBSITE: www.srixon.com.au


The softest feeling golf ball in Titleist’s expansive range, the TruFeel produces consistently longer distance and enhanced control.

Available in white, optic yellow and matte red, the TruFeel replaces the DT TruSoft as Titleist’s offering for golfers preferring an extremely soft feel, with the addition of a new side stamp to aid alignment.

The fast, low compression ‘TruTouch Core’ delivers low spin for distance off the tee, while a proprietary cover formulation called ‘TruFlex’ adds to the softer feeling formula of the TruFeel and increases control on approach shots.

A specially designed dimple pattern has been optimised to improve aerodynamic performance for increased distance in the TruFeel, which, like all Titleist balls, is made at one of the company’s ball manufacturing plants in Massachusetts.

SRP: $36.95.
WEBSITE: www.titleist.com.au