$40 – 59 PER DOZEN


Srixon’s Q-Star Tour is designed to transcend two categories, offering Tour ball spin and distance with a softer feel.

Transitioning from a softer inner core becoming firmer towards the outer edge, the ‘FastLayer Core’ works like a core with thousands of layers according to the company, to increase ball speed and produce high spin around the greens, without compromising the soft feel so many golfers prefer.

Like the company’s top Z-Star series, the Q-Star Tour’s cover includes ‘Spin Skin with SeRM’ for maximum spin, as well as a new alignment aid side stamp to help make more putts.

Once again like Srixon’s premium models, the mid-range Q-Star Tour features a 338 Speed Dimple Pattern that increases launch and reduces drag for a penetrating ball flight.

RRP: $44.95.
WEBSITE: www.srixon.com.au


Utilising a unique 566 D-Dimple pattern, Mizuno’s RB566V is a soft compression three-piece ball designed for greater distance.

Micro-dimples sit inside the main dimples and function early to keep the ball in the air for longer, while the new high energy Butadiene core is built for both soft feel and more ball speed.

Offering a mid ball flight with mid-high spin around the greens, the RB566V’s ionomer cover is durable and delivers enhanced feel on short game shots.

RRP: $45.
WEBSITE: www.mizuno.com.au


Directed by feedback from golfers, TaylorMade created the new Tour Response and Soft Response. Golf balls designed for average golfers.

Intended to offer Tour performance at a more reasonable price, the Tour Response utilises a 100 percent cast urethane cover with soft compression.

The durable cover digs into grooves more to provide greater spin, while the same engine that powers the TP5 range, a ‘Speedmantle with HFM’, and soft ‘ZnO Flex Core’ provide ball speed and an ‘Extended Flight Dimple Pattern’ keeps the ball in the air for longer.

Aimed at slower swing speed players, the Soft Response uses the same U-shaped dimples to maintain flight, partnered with a soft ionomer cover and low compression for extremely soft feel without sacrificing distance.

WEBSITE: www.taylormadegolf.com.au


First introduced two years ago, Titleist’s new Tour Soft has been redesigned to offer real improvements to golfers preferring a softer feeling ball.

Featuring the largest core in company history, that is also faster than the previous iteration, the Tour Soft offers outstanding distance from the tee combined with a feeling at impact favoured by many golfers. The larger core required Titleist’s engineers to produce a thinner ‘4CE grafted cover system’ that delivers greater spin around the green and utilises a ‘spherically-tiled 342 cuboctahedron dimple design’ for a penetrating flight.

Offered in both white and high-optic yellow, the latest Tour Soft also includes a new ‘T’ side stamp for better alignment that was developed based on popularity of the style through the company’s ‘My Titleist customiser’ service.

SRP: $49.95
WEBSITE: www.titleist.com.au


The Velocity from Titleist is designed for just that, velocity creating distance. And when seeking feedback from Velocity devotees, Titleist discovered the way to improve the already popular model was to add even more velocity.

To achieve this, the company added a larger, higher speed ‘LSX Core’ that creates low spin off the tee, greater initial ball speed and also increases stopping power, developed a faster ‘NaZ+ Cover’ which is also engineered for improved feel and created an all-new ‘Spherically-Tiled 350 Octahedral Dimple Pattern’ that produces a higher flight and is stronger aerodynamically to maintain the ball flight for longer.

To further enhance the model’s appeal, Titleist now also offers the Velocity in three matte colour options – Pink, Green and Orange. – as well as white. The new-look covers have been specially developed to maintain their colour and offer durability.

SRP: $43.95.
WEBSITE: www.titleist.com.au