COST: $159.

TESTED BY: Jimmy Emanuel, Golf Australia Deputy Editor (GA Handicap 9.4).

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Looks are obviously a significant part of a shoe’s appeal. And the Eco Knit instantly impressed in this area for me.

Two comments from non-golfers upon seeing the shoes both along the lines of, “that doesn’t look like a golf shoe”, really highlighted the Eco Knit’s characteristics as an option capable of being worn to, from and on the golf course.

Once on, the Eco Knit was immediately comfortable. The soft knit upper was soft but solid enough to hold my foot in place, while the heel design reduced slipping and the traction on the golf course was slightly better than I have found with some spikeless shoes.

HOW THEY PERFORMED: I had been aware of TRUE linkswear’s shoes long before my chance to test the Eco Knit. The brand’s reputation for comfort proved accurate, and the unique looks of some of the original models from years ago that held me back from trying a pair have certainly been improved.

Beyond testing these shoes on a golf course for traction, breathability and general performance – the Eco Knit excelling in all – I decided to truly test the comfort, crossover benefits and fit of the shoes right on the first wear.

With the Eco Knits on and only some small sockettes, I headed out for a long, ambling walk around my neighbourhood that ended up being seven kms across all sorts of terrain from concrete to grassy hills and everything in between.

To say the Eco Knit passed with flying colours would be an understatement.

Not a single blister or soreness in the sole of my foot that even in my normal sneakers can occur on a similar walk had me fairly convinced. The rolled ankle collar kept my heel in place and the laces did not need to be redone. And the longer I spent in the shoes the more I could feel the knit design moulding to my toes and becoming even more pleasant to wear.

After being so impressed, some time spent even without socks saw the same results. And the lightweight properties of the shoes (you have to pick them up to appreciate just how light they are) really stood out.

When it came to actual on-course performance, the traction was enough for me to swing the club with confidence. The aggressive sole design seems to lock into the turf, albeit the only weakness of the shoe being the same sole’s occasional tendency to pick up a stone and take it for a ride.

Beyond the performance of the Eco Knit, as someone who values sustainability, the fact that these are made from recycled plastics was unable to be discerned when wearing them, but a nice piece of mind.

The outstanding comfort of the Eco Knit is enough for me to have them as part of my regular golf shoe line-up. So too, the style and performance as a street shoe. And the bonus of reducing my environmental footprint (pun intended) makes these a fantastic option.


SUITABILITY: The Eco Knit is currently offered in three colour options, with two new colourways available for pre-order.

COMPANY SAYS: TRUE linkswear’s all-new golf shoe, the Eco Knit, is created from recycled post-consumer plastics.

The knitted upper on the Eco Knit is derived from recycled plastics that have been re-purposed into polyester yarn.

“We’re literally taking the water bottles and plastic goods that end up in our ocean and turning them into shoes”, TRUE Founder and President, Jason Moore said.

“When we learned about new sustainable manufacturing techniques that will allow our back yard, and the planet itself to stay in more pristine shape, we instantly knew we wanted to be a part of the movement. Sustainable manufacturing in footwear is not common practice. In fact, it’s going to take a huge shift in thinking to start making a difference.”

The new model, launched at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show, is ultra-light weight, offers superb breathability and possess a versatile, everyday tread.

The Eco Knit is just the start, with the new model building on a greater push towards overall sustainability for the up and coming brand. Late last year, the company started ditching the traditional cardboard shoe box on all of their new models, in favour of quality, reusable shoe bags.

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