COST: $199.99.

TESTED BY: Jimmy Emanuel, Golf Australia Writer (GA Handicap 9.4)

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Right out of the box, the Elite V.4 screamed comfort. A padded appearance, which was less bulky than some Skechers models I have seen in the past, looked like there would be no wearing in period.

Rushing out to give these shoes a try for the first time, I even forgot to pack socks more substantial than a footlet style, yet with the comfort and cushioning offered by the Elite V.4, there was no issue.

Comfort was the standout characteristic from slipping these on in the carpark right out of the box and continued to be the model’s hero attribute for me.

The White/Navy combination appealed, too.

HOW THEY PERFORMED: During my multiple rounds wearing the Elite V.4, I continued to be impressed with the level of comfort and cushioning on offer. There was no required wearing period for me, something I am always a believer in having suffered badly from blisters and sore feet too many times in the past.

Certainly the second time I wore the shoes, I felt as though the leather upper had started to adapt to my foot shape and fit even more comfortably, but I would not describe them as uncomfortable in anyway during my first time out.

The cushioning of the shoes felt almost like I was wearing a sturdier sneaker than a golf shoe, however, the leather upper offered the look of a more traditional shoe with a damp afternoon round no concern at all in terms of water getting in.

Having never worn a pair of Skechers golf shoes, or other shoes by the brand for that matter, I was impressed by the all-round performance of the Elite V.4. Sometimes spikeless shoes built for comfort can have their issues when it comes to stability, but not once over the course of numerous rounds did I ever feel any slipping when walking or during the golf swing. The appearance of the shoes was also maintained, the upper didn’t significantly crease like some pairs I have had in the past have early in their life. And most of all, the comfort of a secure fit around the ankle and cushion in every area, as well as support, continued to make an impression on me.

Overall, the Elite V.4 is a very solid shoe in every important performance characteristic. With comfort as the most outstanding feature, coupled with all important stability, these shoes would suit golfers who suffer foot pain in my mind, in addition to anyone looking for a comfortable, reliable and modern-looking pair of shoes.

SKECHERS SAYS: GO GOLF Elite V.4 features a waterproof leather upper, the all-new ‘Grip Flex’ spikeless traction outsole, ‘ULTRA FLIGHT’ cushioned midsole and ‘Goga Mat’ comfort insole.

The new model’s leather upper features embossed detail and Skechers ‘H2GO Shield’ waterproof protection that is warrantied for two years.

The Elite V4’s low drop design keeps your foot low to the ground in a neutral position, while the combination of the lightweight, responsive ULTRA FLIGHT cushioning, high-performance Goga Mat cushioned insole and padded collar and tongue deliver improved comfort.

Offering enhanced stability when walking and during the golf swing, the Elite V4, which is available in three colourways – White/Navy, Black/White and Grey/Lime – utilises a Grip Flex stabilised durable spikeless outsole design.

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