COST: $269.

TESTED BY: Jimmy Emanuel, Golf Australia Deputy Editor (GA Handicap 9.4).

MODEL PLAYED: T-20 raw (46˚-06˚, 52˚-09˚, 56˚-14˚ and 60˚-06˚), fitted with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shafts.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The Mizuno T-20 wedges possess a classic appearance that was impossible for me not to like upon taking them out of the box. The lack of paint fill on the raw model combined with the clean lines looks great in the bag and behind the ball.

Upon first strike the wedges were clearly Mizuno, the soft feeling of the forged face matching closely with the company’s irons. The spin also stood out, not only for the amount, but for its consistency, too.

HOW IT PERFORMED: Mizuno has long been known for its forged irons. And for anyone who has hit one from the sweetspot, it is easy to understand why.

However, recent years have seen the Japanese manufacturer hugely improve its more forgiving iron models and woods. The T-20 wedges follow suit and prove themselves to be a genuine option for any player looking for a high quality, high performance wedge, rather than just Mizuno diehards.

There is no point dwelling on feel for too long, because as expected of a Mizuno forging the T-20s deliver a perfect blend of soft and solid at impact.

Spin is the yard stick for most when it comes to wedges and is one performance characteristic I believe Mizuno has come along leaps and bounds with the new model.

The T-20 delivers extremely consistent spin that can be relied on to check up at the same point each time. The spin rates are also increased on the previous S18s for mine, and although I didn’t get much of a chance to test the claims of improved performance in damp conditions, some freshly washed range balls produced very similar results to some I dried with a towel during my testing.

Beyond spin, appearance at address and versatility are my two main measures of a wedge. I was fortunate enough to test these wedges in my preferred loft and bounce setups, so I didn’t find a single shot I couldn’t hit.

"The T-20 delivers extremely consistent spin that can be relied on to check up at the same point each time."

Chipping with all four lofts, the sole never dug and varying flights was simple. The same can be said of pitches, bunker and full shots. The 60˚ really stood out. My first practice session with the T-20s was dominated by hitting everything from low skidders to high floaters with ease.

From an aesthetics perspective, the three finishes cater to everyone from those looking to carry wedges like a Tour pro without plating (raw), classic appearance (chrome) and the slightly lairy (blue).

The shaping of the new model is also an improvement for mine. The higher lofts are slightly more rounded and look great when setup square or with the face wide open, while the more teardrop shape of the lower lofts blends perfectly with iron sets. The minimal offset and smaller toe section beyond the grooves also gives the T-20s a nice compact appearance behind the ball.

Mizuno’s latest wedges are more than just an afterthought to complement the company’s irons. The T-20s deliver in every key performance area for wedges, feature a classic appearance and feel like a Mizuno product should. To my mind, there’s not much more you could ask for.


SUITABILITY: Offered in lofts from 45˚ to 62˚ in one-degree increments, with three finishes and three sole grind options available, the T-20 wedges will suit almost all golfers, swing types and playing conditions.

SHAFTS: A wide variety of custom shafts are available to either match or compliment shafts from the company’s shaft optimizer fitting system.

LEFT-HANDED: The T-20 wedges are offered in left-handed in the chrome finish only.

MIZUNO SAYS: The precision and feel of Mizuno’s ‘Grain Flow Forged HD’ process suits the manufacture of wedges like no other.

Perfected for over 50 years at one factory in Hiroshima, Japan – Mizuno’s forging expertise is revered for its consistency of manufacture, distance control and incredible feedback. A reputation most commonly associated with Mizuno irons – but with even more payback in wedges where touch and feel are most critical.

New ‘Hydroflow Micro Grooves’ maintain backspin in wet conditions and are vertically etched to release moisture and maintain spin, while weight is placed high, discreetly within a tapered blade for increased spin and vertical stability from off centre strikes.

After Grain Flow Forging, every head is mechanically milled to the highest possible tolerances – ensuring a perfectly flat face and consistent spin that is enhanced by boron infused 1025 billets that are more durable for longer lasting grooves and spin you can trust.

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