COST: $259 (one); $439 (two); $579 (three).

TESTED BY: Jimmy Emanuel, Golf Australia Writer (GA Handicap 9.4)

MODEL PLAYED: Kronus Golf JK-1 52º, 56º and 60, fitted with Dynamic Gold S200 shafts.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Classic and elegant. These might be words some would choose not to use about an inanimate object like a golf club, but for an equipment nerd like myself they perfectly describe the appearance of the Kronus wedges.

Shaped to resemble the historic wedge models of the past and finished in master craftsman Jim Kronus’ Satin Tour Chrome, the three lofts I tested instantly grabbed me from a looks perspective that was only rivalled by the feel off the face of my first cleanly struck chip.

HOW THEY PERFORMED: As my time went on with the Kronus wedges in the bag, the appearance – particularly at address – was a continued pleasure, while the soft forged feel was the absolute clear winner when it came to standout features.

Not all top wedges are forged and the necessity of the softer feel verse durability of casting is a long-standing debate, however, as an appreciator of forged blade irons and having left behind my days of relentless practicing with my wedges, feel is a nice bonus in a wedge and lifespan less of a concern. And the JK-1 delivers in spades

To paint a picture of the appearance, think of the great Wilson models that seemed to have a place in every Tour player’s bag decades ago, but slightly updated and you are in the right area.

This look and the lone bounce offering of 8º on each loft is something of a throwback, and while it won’t rival the suite of bounce, grind and versatility options of other brands, it will appeal to certain players.

"The soft forged feel was the absolute clear winner when it came to standout features."

Although each loft comes in one sole, the design has been well executed through the use of the experience of the man who lends his name to the clubs, Kronus having handled and worked on clubs for Tour players for decades. Manipulating the face angle allowed for enough versatility to handle any lie, and although I personally carry a range of bounce angles from low to high in my bag, I managed just fine once I got adjusted.

With classic looks and feel as the main focus of the design, the performance of the Kronus wedges compared to modern models was always going to be interesting. Although the spin wasn’t quite to the level of my normal wedges and the ball launched a little higher off the face, overall there wasn’t a shot that couldn’t be hit by a skilled golfer searching for feel and looks.

Joining the feel and shape of the JK-1 as its highlight features was the Satin Tour Chrome finish, which held up extremely well throughout my testing that included plenty of bunker shots, chips and general play.

All in all, the Kronus Golf wedges impressed where every wedge should, with clearly more focus directed in the design process to feel and appearance that will cause certain players to perhaps use words they would normally save to describe the finer things in life.


SUITABILITY: The JK-1 wedges will suit any golfer looking for a combination of feel and function in their short game combined with a classic look and durability.

AVAILABILITY: Kronus Golf JK-1 wedges are offered in two-degree loft increments starting at 50º up to 60º and come fitted with Dynamic Gold S200 shafts as standard and PURE grips.

KRONUS SAYS: Designed by renowned American club builder and refinisher Jim Kronus, the creator of The Iron Factory, Kronus wedges are forged in the United States from 1025 mild carbon steel.

They are finished in a Bright Tour Chrome or a Satin Tour Chrome finish as used by many professionals.

The faces are CNC machined to exacting specifications, and the grooves are individually engraved.

They do not have distracting plastic inserts or advertising embedded on the backs.

The leading and trailing edges are professionally hand ground to meet the demands of the golfer at any level.

Contact via email, or phone 0419 551 509.