COST: $6 (each).

TESTED BY: Jimmy Emanuel, Golf Australia Writer (GA Handicap 9.4)

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Available in a range of patterns and colours, the grips give your clubs a unique look that I quite liked.

In regards to fitting the overgrips, the process is a fairly simple one. If you have ever replaced a tennis grip, the process is extremely similar. My first rushed attempt as I arrived at the course ready to head out, proved easy enough and there were no obvious lumps or bubbles, and everything you need to fit the grips is right there in the packet except for a pair of scissors.

Once on, the grips had a slightly tacky feel that I enjoyed, while I really liked the feeling of the wrap-like texture where I had overlapped the grip material during the installation.

HOW IT PERFORMED: The Alien Pros held up very well during my time testing them on a number of clubs. The wrapping never came undone, which was my main concern before installing, and the tackiness remained throughout.

I rarely wear a glove on the golf course and the texture of the grip really suited me in this regard. The tackiness helped maintain my grip in warm and humid conditions where my hands were sweating, while the softness of the overgrips also helped avoid any soreness in my hands after spending more than an hour on the range putting them through their paces.

Obviously going over the top of the existing grips on my clubs meant the Alien Pros made the club feel a little thicker in the hands. But the difference was not hugely significant – and if anything adds to the appeal of the overgrips for golfers looking to try a slightly thicker grip without having to fully commit to having their local golf pro or shop remove what is in place and add some papers or test out a midsize or oversize option.

The look of the Alien Pros is certainly unique and while not for everyone, the performance is extremely impressive and could sway even more conservative golfers to give them a try.

The early tackiness remained and I never had any troubles gripping the club in any conditions – and upon removal from my clubs, there was no residue left on the rubber, a nice discovery that added to the low risk of what is a fairly cheap experiment.


SUITABILITY: Offered in a range of colours and patterns and able to be self-fitted, the Alien Pros overgrips are suited to any golfer in need of a new grip, looking for a slightly thicker or different feel and any player looking to add a splash of colour to their equipment.

COMPANY SAYS: Alien Pros Golf overgrips are made of flexible, absorbent material with just the right amount of friction that makes a slightly tacky grip.

Featuring strong anti-slip function, the overgrips are among the most used grips in the market. The hydrophilic coating is what enables the overgrips to have intriguing designs without compromise on functionality.

Designed for long-lasting comfort, the superior absorption keeps your hands dry and comfortable while also creating the right amount of friction so the club will not slip from players hands. And the material used in Alien Pros is eco-friendly and bio-degradable.

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