Here are the best irons from the biggest names in golf, from pure muscle back blades designed for complete control to forgiving technology packed models that get the ball moving faster and higher. 


The standard Rogue model employs numerous face technologies and an innovative multi-material design to deliver a combination of outstanding distance, forgiveness, control
and feel.

Armed with the knowledge that many high-COR irons produced high ball speeds at the expense of feel – and the soft materials commonly used to dampen the resulting ‘clicky’ sound had a similarly negative effect of slowing the face – Callaway’s engineers incorporated ‘Urethane Microspheres’.

The microspheres are thousands of tiny air pockets that flatten at impact to allow the material to flex delivering improved feel, while not hindering the face’s flexing, which is enhanced by Callaway’s ‘360 Face Cup’ and ‘Variable Face Thickness’ technology.

RRP: $159.99 per iron (steel); $174.99 per iron (graphite).

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The single-piece X Forged offers a combination of the feel and look expected of a forged player’s cavity back iron in a slightly larger head size, offering increased forgiveness compared to traditional blade irons.

Created through the use of a ‘Triple Net’ forging process, centre of gravity (CG) progression throughout the set produces optimal ball flights from each iron and the trajectory control required by the world’s best players and skilled amateurs.

Paying tribute to some of the company’s most popular forged irons of years past with its look at address, the X Forged incorporates a ‘20V’ shaped groove pattern for increased spin regardless of lie or conditions.

RRP: $224.99 per iron (steel).

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Cobra refined its technologies in the F8 irons to deliver performance improvements and specialised iron loft design, which is proven by the Cobra Connect powered by Arccos system sensors embedded in every grip. The system automatically records distance and accuracy to provide detailed analytics to help golfers improve.

‘E9 Pwrshell’ face technology with a 20 percent thinner forged face and ‘E9 elliptical Sweet Zone’ deliver improved ball speed across the face, while precisely placed carbon fibre medallions ensure great feel.

Cobra’s ‘Tecflo’ progressive set construction incorporates hollow long irons, cavity back short irons and speciality wedges all with varying groove shapes and hosel lengths to produce optimal flight and performance.

RRP: $169 per iron (steel); $189 per iron (graphite).

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Utilising the same technologies as the standard F8 irons, the Tecflo construction is where the F8 One Length improves on the previous F7, with every iron not only the length of a 7-iron but the head weight as well.

Long irons with wider soles, shorter hosels and a lower CG help get the ball in the air, with the opposite in the short irons offering control.

To further address the need for different performance from each iron, despite being the same length, one length specific flighted shafts that are softer in the long irons for increased launch and distance and firmer in the short irons for lower launch and control come standard in the F8.

RRP: $169 per iron (steel), $189 per iron (graphite). 

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Described by the company as “the craftsmen’s muscleback” the MP-18 is a return to the style of blade iron that made Mizuno famous, and collected multiple major championships.

Mizuno’s master craftsmen sculpted the moulds of the iron to their extremely high standards to deliver a classic muscle back iron with thin, cambered top lines, shorter blade lengths and a more compact wedge.

As with all Mizuno MP irons the MP-18 is ‘Grain Flow’ forged, which keeps the grain of the 1025 E Pure Select mild carbon steel tighter together for incredibly soft feel off the clubface.

RRP: $249 per iron.

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The MP-18 MMC is the first multi-material MP iron built under the watchful eye of Mizuno’s master clubmakers. Resulting in a high performance iron with surprising forgiveness and a classic ‘tour’ profile.

Lightweight titanium and heavy tungsten combine with carbon steel to form an extremely stable design that minimises the negative effects of off-centre strikes, while maintaining the feel off the clubface Mizuno irons are renowned for.

The lack of tungsten in the MP-18 MMC short irons mean workability where it is needed most is not sacrificed for unnecessary forgiveness.

RRP: $269 per iron.

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The multi-material, hollow-body construction of the G700, Ping’s longest, highest-flying iron to date, allows for increased distance without sacrificing the other key elements of iron play – consistency forgiveness and feel.

Internal weight is positioned away from the face of each iron to provide flexing similar to that of metal woods, generating extremely high COR for ball speed and launch improvements.

To further fulfil the modern golfer’s need for distance, while also helping to raise ball flights, the G700 features a face made of maraging steel, an alloy among the strongest in the world known for both its strength and flexibility.

RRP: $250 per iron (steel); $275 per iron (graphite).

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The G400 is engineered to increase distance as well as launch and forgiveness, to not only travel further but land softer, helping players to hit more greens.

A face made from Hyper 17-4 stainless steel, achieved through heat-treating that makes it 40 percent stronger than 17-4 stainless, is thinner for increased flexing, which is also enhanced by the combination of ‘COR-Eye’ technology and a new top rail undercut, that work together like a catapult launching the ball long and high.

Aluminium and elastomer are used in the cavity badge for improved sound and feel, and a ‘Hydropearl Chrome’ finish completes the G400, improving turf interaction.

RRP: $189 per iron (steel); $209 per iron (graphite).

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XXIO X marks the 10th generation of clubs specifically built by the Japanese company for players with moderate swing speeds.

Like all XXIO models, the X irons use extremely lightweight components and feature a higher balance point to instantly improve golfers’ swing speeds for increased distance and improved contact.

A titanium face helps raise ball speed further across a larger area, while also saving weight that is precisely repositioned low and deep in the clubhead through the use of tungsten nickel sole weights to raise launch angles.

The XXIO X’s progressive design throughout the set delivers loft-specific performance in every iron and the company’s ‘True-Focus Impact’ technology raises slower swing speed players’ chances of finding the middle of the clubface by 10 percent.

RRP: $269 per iron (steel); $299 per iron (graphite).

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Cleveland borrowed multiple proven technologies from its famous wedges when creating the Launcher CBX irons, which also feature progressive shaping and a cup face in the 4-7-irons for increased ball speed, particularly on mis-hits.

The ‘Tour Zip’ grooves and laser milling incorporated in the CBX deliver increased spin and control throughout the set, especially from the rough, while the progressive ‘Dual V’ sole enhances versatility and contact.

The company’s ‘Feel Balancing’ technology, which is also found in its wedges, moves the CG closer to the centre of the face through the repositioning of weight removed from the hosel for improved forgiveness.

RRP: $129.95 per iron (steel); $139.95 per iron (graphite).

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The P790’s 8620 carbon steel body and forged 4140 carbon steel ‘WrapFace’ combine to form a hollow-body design, aimed at delivering a player’s iron look and feel with increased distance and forgiveness.

The hollow-body is injected with ‘SpeedFoam’ which both dampens vibrations for improved feel and supports the ultra-thin 1.75mm face to increase ball speeds.

A new smaller version of TaylorMade’s ‘Inverted Cone’ technology reduces the thickness of the clubface towards its edges for increased flexibility, raising forgiveness and consistency.

Also inside the hollow head is metal-injection-moulded tungsten weighting, which raises moment of inertia (MOI) and optimally places CG for the workability expected of a player’s iron.

RRP: $269 per iron (steel); $299 per iron (graphite).

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Designed for distance and forgiveness, the M4 irons feature TaylorMade’s new Ribcor technology, which stiffens the outer areas of the iron head while maintaining flex where impact occurs to minimise energy loss.

The technology uses an internal ribbing structure to achieve the increase in stiffness that allows the M4 to “push the boundary of COR limit” according to TaylorMade, and also enabled the company’s engineers to place more weight in the heel and toe of the M4 irons to raise MOI by 24 percent when compared to the 2017 M2.

In addition to the new Ribcor, the M4 incorporates specifically re-engineered versions of the company’s Face Slots, Speed Pocket and Inverted Cone technologies.

RRP: $179 per iron (steel); $199 per iron (graphite). 

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The latest of the hugely popular AP2 models, the 718 continues the model’s history of combining distance and forgiveness with ‘tour’ looks and outstanding forged feel.

High-density tungsten is co-forged into the perimeter of the iron to raise the MOI, while maintaining the blade length and head profile preferred by Titleist’s Tour staff.

To increase launch and distance, Titleist utilised a thinner forged body and a face insert made of high-strength spring steel and refined CG progression throughout the set helps maintain ball speed on off-centre hits, particularly in the long irons, while also ensuring consistent distant and optimal trajectory.

SRP: $249 per iron (steel); $289 per iron (graphite).

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Identified by the company as a “player’s distance iron” and blending everything learnt from creating the AP1 and AP2 models, the 718 AP3 is an all-new model for Titleist, designed for distance and forgiveness in a smaller profile preferred by better players.

The multi-material design delivers game improvement iron-like forgiveness with the looks and feel of a club designed for the world’s best through its hollow-blade construction.

The 718 AP2’s unsupported L-face insert is extremely thin to increase launch and spin and high-density tungsten weights are precisely placed inside the hollow-body low in the heel and toe to raise MOI and increase ball speed across the face.

SRP: $249 per iron (steel); $289 per iron (graphite).

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