He’s actually so good that between tournaments recently he achieved his national A racing licence at the AMG Driving Academy on the Nurburgring in Germany.

The two-day course started with a theory module where Kaymer was taught the basics. At the beginning of the teaching unit he passed the official theory test for recognised driver licence training.

On the second day he then took a Mercedes-AMG GT S out onto the racetrack. Following a "Car Control" training unit on the helipad near the racetrack, the next training exercise was guided driving on the tight bends of the Nürburgring Grand Prix track with the experienced motorsport expert and instructor Reinhold Renger. The performance data were subsequently analysed before moving onto the ultimate module: free driving on the racetrack.

An official start including driving in a group of cars was also on the agenda – the avowed motorsport fan was absolutely thrilled: "A unique experience – that was pure adrenaline. I am pleased and grateful that my partner Mercedes-Benz enabled me to experience this highlight. And of course I am also a bit proud to now be the official holder of a national A racing licence."