Manufactured in the same location as the company’s enormously popular Pro V1 and Pro V1x, Titleist Ball Plant 3, the multi-layer construction AVX is engineered for distance and to offer the softest feel of any Titleist high performance ball.

“Golfers have spoken loud and clear about the performance of AVX,” Vice President of Titleist Golf Ball Marketing Michael Mahoney said. “While our R&D team is constantly exploring new golf ball technologies, only a limited number of prototypes ever make it past the initial machine and player testing phases. AVX stood out from the beginning. Ultimately, it was important to let golfers decide whether this golf ball had a place in our line and the results of our test market were emphatic. Many golfers were waiting for a product like AVX – our lowest flying, lowest spinning and softest feeling high performance golf ball – to help them play their best.”

The AVX primarily owes its extremely soft feel to the high speed, low compression core and the proprietary ‘GRN41’ thermoset cast urethane elastomer cover, which also ensures control around the greens as well as increased durability.

The core technology that delivers the new model’s feel also produces the impressive long game distance of the AVX. Enhanced further by a new, more flexible casing layer that lowers spin with the longer clubs and irons and works with together with the core to increase speed.

Although the AVX features 352 tetrahedral dimples like the Pro V1, the Pro V1x has 328, the new model incorporates a catenary aerodynamic design that is responsible for its highly consistent, penetrating ball flight that adds another layer to the distance formula of Titleist’s latest golf ball.

In another change from other Titleist high performance models, the AVX will be available in both white and high-optic yellow.

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