Titleist refer to the Tour introduction as their “tour seeding and validation process” during which players are fit for the new models by the company’s tour representatives with the aim of gathering feedback from the players, whilst also collecting data.

The company described the importance of player introduction and testing in a press release announcing the arrival of the 718 irons on the world’s two largest tours while also stating the process will continue in the coming weeks across professional tours around the world.

“Product seeding and player validation is a critical step in the go-to-market process for all Titleist equipment,” the company said.

“Earning the validation of the game’s best players, as well as dedicated golfers at every level of the game, ensures that new products are faithful to the Titleist brand promise of innovation, performance and quality excellence.”

Despite details about the new models being scarce, what is clear is the models making up the 718 line are consistent with Titleist’s past models with one notable addition. Similarly to the previous 716 line, the images of the 718 prototypes include a MB, CB, T-MB, AP2 and AP1, while a new AP3 appears from the images to fall in between the AP2 and AP1 in the line.

Unlike the 716 versions of the CB, AP2 and AP1 which had ‘Tungsten’ marked on the head to indicate the use of the material, the 718 prototypes sport minimal stamping and no mention of tungsten, which has been a part of Titleist’s irons since the original AP2 was launched in 2008.

Early indications from the Tour are positive for Titleist, with Ian Poulter among the players taking to social media to profess their enjoyment of the new models. The Englishman gave his followers a sneak peak of the new models in an Instagram post of his golf bag containing them and also took to Twitter to display just how much he thinks of the new 718 models.

Judging by Titleist’s past iron releases, which have previously been unveiled at the Quicken Loans National, the new 718 iron models will be slated for retail release later in 2017.

To keep up to date with 718 developments follow Titleist’s social media channels or visit www.titleist.com.au/golf-clubs/irons/718