Available for fittings mid-March (and in golf shops from the start of April), the new Titleist T400 irons utilise an advanced split sole design, super-thin face and wide body, while hollow head construction is fortified by extreme amounts of high-density tungsten to help golfers effortlessly launch it higher and hit it farther.

The addition of T400 to the strikingly new line of Titleist T-Series irons – joining the T100, T100•S, T200 and T300 models – ensures every player is able to experience the engineering ingenuity and breakthrough performance that has made Titleist the long-standing No.1 iron on the PGA Tour.

“T400 is the super distance Titleist iron. This club is engineered to get the ball in the air and launch it as far as possible, even when the strike isn’t perfect,” said Josh Talge, Vice President of Marketing, Titleist Golf Clubs.

“There are so many golfers, particularly players with moderate swing speeds, who can benefit from this technology. T400 gets the absolute most out of your swing while still providing the playability of a Titleist iron along with that look, sound and feel that dedicated players demand.”

Designed to help moderate swing speed players score lower, the new T400 irons maximise performance on every shot through the following key technologies:

Wide body shape with advanced Split Sole design provides optimal turf interaction for a smooth and easy strike.

Hollow head construction produces an extremely high moment of inertia (MOI) that maximises forgiveness on off-centre shots.

Extreme High-density tungsten weighting (up to 100g per head) creates a low centre of gravity (CG), working in combination with a super-thin forged SUP-10 L-Face Insert (5-7 irons) to produce explosive launch off the turf.
Progressive set design – with progressive blade lengths, sole widths and hosel lengths – delivers optimal CG positioning with preferred shaping through the set.

Lightweight materials – with stock grip and shaft options – promote increased swing speeds for longer distance.


Starting mid-March, golfers can experience the performance of T400 irons by attending a Titleist Fitting and Trial event, being held at locations nationwide. To find an event, or book a free T-Series iron fitting with a Titleist Product Specialist, golfers can visit https://www.titleist.com.au/fitting/golf-club-fitting/events


T400 offers premium lightweight graphite and steel aftermarket options to help moderate swing speed players maximize performance. The Mitsubishi Fubuki MV IR – MV stands for “Maximum Velocity” – produces higher ball speed through its ultra-lightweight iron-specific graphite design. The steel True Temper AMT Red offers tour-proven ascending mass technology, with lighter long iron shafts for increased launch and speed and heavier short iron shafts for control.

In addition, Titleist offers an industry-leading number of custom shaft choices, many at no upcharge.

The T400’s 43-gram stock grip is the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Lite+, which weighs in nine grams lighter than the T-Series stock Tour Velvet 360 model.

SRP: $299 per club (steel shaft); $324 per club (graphite)

New Titleist T-Series T400 irons will be available in Australian golf shops from April, with fittings beginning mid-March.

For more information about the T400 irons, visit http://www.titleist.com.au/golf-clubs/golf-irons