Best represented by the back of the box where you would typically find the technical information, which simply stated “Professional quality golf balls for a fraction of the cost” with a little more detailed information inside and on the sleeves. All in the line with the Irish company’s scaled back approach to producing quality golf balls at a lower price.

‘The Pro’ itself also made an immediate impression with its unique bullseye logo and pre-stamped alignment line that saved me taking out my trusty marker. A nice touch that won’t smudge no matter how many times you hit it.

Feel is of course the most important characteristic when trying a new golf ball and the SD-01 was noticeably soft of the clubface.

HOW IT PERFORMED: The Seed continued to surprise with its soft feel when compared to other lesser known brands of golf balls that I have tried previously and the feel off the clubface was in line with the softer tour balls on the market.

The SD-01 also felt like it jumped off the face at impact. Despite this feeling that can sometimes lead to distance outliers the SD-01 was extremely consistent throughout the bag with no anomaly distances in my numerous rounds testing the ball.

Flight follows feel for me in importance when comparing tour level golf balls and the Seed produced a nice high flight, particularly with driver, but was easily controlled when working shots one way or the other and knocking them down into the wind.

While the SD-01’s spin remained consistent, providing more than enough grip when going in to greens with short-irons and wedges, spin around the greens and on low checking shots was slightly less than other balls. With the SD-01 slightly releasing on chips and rolling out fractionally where another ball might bounce twice and come to a complete stop from the 50-metre mark. However, the difference was minimal.

In terms of distance the Seed admirably kept up and was never noticeably short of where I would expect to be with any club in the bag.

Like all urethane covered balls durability isn’t a 10 round prospect but again the Seed was solid in this category without excelling. Wedge shots won’t cut the ball like a balata but players who find the occasional tree or cart path might notice scuff marks appearing, and getting more than one round out of a single ball is definitely possible. If you can hang on to it.

Overall Seed’s SD-01 performed well in every key golf ball category with the soft feel its most noteworthy attribute alongside that, at least for the time being, you won’t have many playing partners confusing your ball for theirs.


MODELS: In addition to the SD-01 The Pro, Seed offer the SD-15 Country Mile distance ball. Both of which are available through The Golf Clearance Outlet.

COMPANY SAYS: “Soft urethane cover gives you the control you need from 100 yards in, and the confidence to go for all your shots. You’ll be backing this thing up from everywhere. 3 piece construction gives you better launch angle and the DuPont HPF Mantle works together with core and cover for control and a great soft feel.”

To purchase Seed golf balls go to

Cost: $39 (dozen) $99 (three dozen).

Tested by: Jimmy Emanuel, Golf Australia Writer (GA Handicap 9.4)