“For the first time, junior golfers can play the same technology as mum or dad that is custom fit and custom built just for them,” Ping President John K. Solheim said. “We believe that has an appeal all its own and will help get kids interested in playing more.”

Recommended for golfers between 4'5" to 5'2", the new range – which are all custom built at the company’s Phoenix headquarters and which Ping calls its “highest-performing junior clubs to date” – includes 11 clubs starting with a 15˚ titanium driver and can be ordered in any combination, with two sizes of Hoofer Prodi G carry bags also available.

To ensure the clubs live up to the company’s reputation for high-quality, high-performance golf equipment, proven technologies like ‘Turbulators’ –designed for improved aerodynamics and increased swing speed – are utilised on the driver, while a custom tuning port allows irons to be precisely swing weighted during the custom build process.

Further linking the Prodi G, which is offered in two lightweight graphite shaft flexes, to Ping’s adult clubs and history, the company developed a junior-specific fitting chart based on its colour code system to recommend the correct lie angle and shaft length for each golfer based on their height and wrist-to-floor measurement.

Ping also announced its Prodi G “Get Golf Growing” program alongside the new models – which will alleviate the common concern parents have of children growing out of their clubs too quickly and buying ill-fitting equipment to overcome the issue.

The program allows for a one-time, no-cost adjustment to sets of five clubs or more purchased in one transaction. And includes re-shafting, lengthening, re-weighting and re-gripping.

“One of the biggest barriers parents of junior golfers face is investing in a set of clubs that their kids will outgrow in a short time,” Solheim said. “As a result, they often buy clubs that don’t fit their kids in hopes they’ll grow into them or they cut down old clubs. Neither option is ideal and impedes the junior’s golf development. Our ‘Get Golf Growing’ program is designed to be an affordable way to get juniors into high-performance custom-fit clubs while bringing more boys and girls to the sport. The Prodi G clubs grow with the kids. We believe if juniors are exposed to better equipment, they’ll enjoy golf more, which will ultimately help grow the game as the kids fall in love with golf and play it for a lifetime.”

The Prodi G range will be available in Australian golf shops beginning August 1.

RRP: Driver: $365. Fairway Wood: $210. Hybrid: $190. Irons: $150 each. Wedges: $150 each. Putter: $150. Golf Bags: $200.

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