The range includes three driver head options, an expanded range of fairway woods, progressive centre of gravity (CG) hybrids, a new more versatile Crossover and G400 irons, which company President John K. Solheim describes as Ping’s “game enjoyment” iron.

Ping originally planned for a later release but after showing the G400 models to their Tour staff and receiving positive feedback and questions of when they could put the clubs in play the release was brought forward.

The G400 driver is perhaps the best representation of the positive response from Ping players with more than 70 already in play around the world after making its debut at the US Open at Erin Hills, where players using the G400 driver ranked as both the longest and most accurate in the field.

“We’ve never seen faster conversion to a new product than we did at the US Open with 13 drivers in play the first week it was available,” PING Chairman & CEO John A. Solheim said of the immediate success of the driver. “The players immediately loved the look of the driver and became enamored with the powerful sound and feel.”

The G400 driver is a unique combination of a slightly smaller head size packaged with increased forgiveness. At 445cc the engineers at Ping were able to increase clubhead speed while also increasing the moment of inertia (MOI) to be the highest of any Ping driver, increasing both distance and forgiveness.

A multi-material design incorporates Tungsten back weighting, a forged T9S+ face, bolder turbulators and Ping’s Dragonfly and Vortec technologies to deliver a driver the Ping claims in testing “outperformed the leading drivers in the marketplace, most notably when comparing dispersion results.”

G400 drivers are available in standard, SFT (Straight Flight)designed to correct fade ball flights and LST (Low Spin) which lowers spin by approximately 300 rpm for a stronger flight.

Like the driver bearing the same name the G400 irons produce a unique combination of ball flight, forgiveness and tour-level distance to make them stand out from the crowd. The forgiving design is engineered for increased distance and higher ball flights achieved through the catapult-like flexing of the thinner clubface, delivered through COR-Eye technology, a top rail undercut and the use of Hyper 17-4 stainless steel.

“Golfers can expect one less club to the green with the height of two less clubs. That’s a powerful combination,” John K. Solheim said of the G400 irons all round performance and benefits.

Not to be left behind G400 fairway woods and hybrids incorporate C300 maraging steel in the club face, a material commonly used in the aerospace industry and considered one of the strongest alloys in the world.

“With maraging steel, we have a material that allows us to go extremely thin with the face to give us the faster ball-speed gains we’re seeking for more distance and higher launch,” John A. Solheim said. “The results have been amazing as we’re seeing face flexing equal to the thickness of the face.”

There are eight options in the G400 fairway woods ranging from a stronger 13⁰ Stretch 3W to a 23.5⁰ 9W, all of which are adjustable by up to 1⁰ and include 3, 5 and 7 woods with SFT technology.

In addition to maraging steel the G400 hybrids use progressive centre of gravity (CG) for optimal distance gapping. The 2 and 3 hybrids have the CG moved towards the toe to remove the tendency for hybrids to go left on stronger players while the 4, 5 and 6 hybrids assist golfers with higher launch and more forgiveness.

The G400 range includes the second generation of Ping’s Crossover, which again utilises a maraging steel face for improved sound and higher launch for a versatile option that delivers hybrid forgiveness and ball speeds coupled with iron-like precision and control.

Golf Pride grips are standard on the G400 series, incorporating Ping’s colour sizing system. Tour Velvets are standard on the irons, crossovers and hybrids, while the adjustable drivers and fairway woods come standard with Golf Pride’s Tour 360 grip.

Timed to coincide with the launch, Ping has also introduced its new updated Colour Code chart, which has evolved through Ping’s decades of fittings and research and has simplified the fitting process. The Purple and Yellow Colour Codes have been removed but a conversion chart makes updating a previous fitting simple for Ping’s band of club fitters.

As mentioned, G400 products are available for pre-order and custom fitting immediately at authorised Ping golf shops and in stores July 28.

RRP: DRIVER: $619 (standard shaft), $689 (Ping Tour shaft).

FAIRWAY: $429 (standard shaft), $479 (Ping Tour shaft).

HYBRID: $369 (standard shaft), $419 (Ping Tour shaft).

CROSSOVER: $369 (standard shaft), $419 (Ping Tour shaft).

IRONS: $189 per iron (steel shaft), $209 per iron (graphite shaft).

For more information on the new range of G400 products read Golf Australia magazine and Golf Australia Express or visit, to see the full range including the line of aftermarket shaft options or call American Golf Supplies on (02) 9524 8233 to find your nearest stockist or demo day.