CNC milled, the new Snakebite grooves are created with a re-engineered cutting method and are loft-specific designs in terms of depth, width and location on the face.

Cutting tools are replaced more often to tighten tolerances and maximise spin from sharper and more precise grooves that are 11 percent deeper and feature 40 percent sharper groove edges.

Offered from 48˚ to 60˚ lofts, from 48-54 the grooves are narrower and deeper for consistency in spin and flight, while 56, 58 and 60 lofts feature wider and shallower grooves that run across the entirety of face to the toe for greater spin on open faced shots played around the greens.

Fitted with ‘COBRA CONNECT, Powered by Arccos Golf’ enabled grips for game tracking, the new King Cobra wedge's logo harks back to the early days of the company and is offered in three sole grind options – Versatile, Classic and WideLow – to fit a variety of turf conditions and swing types.

RRP: $199.

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