Although the 10 models of the Stroke Lab line – comprising six mallet and four blade styles – incorporate the company’s latest ‘White Hot Microhinge’ insert for improved feel and roll off the putter face, it is a new multi-material shaft that Odyssey claims will improve players’ strokes and chances of holing putts. The new technology already claiming multiple professional tournament wins around the world.

Made from a graphite body and steel tip, the Stroke Lab shaft is 40 grams lighter than the traditional steel shafts installed in Odyssey putters, with the extra weight redistributed into both ends of the putter. The extra 10 grams in the head and 30 grams in the grip delivering improved consistency in backswing time, face-angle, ball speed, and ball direction during Odyssey’s testing.

To accommodate the heavier headweight of the new models, the unique shaft, which weighs 75 grams in total, is stiffer and features a lower torque than standard steel putter shafts, with Odyssey describing the shaft’s primary benefit as a “more acute” feel for the putterhead that helps produce a repeatable stroke.

“You feel the difference immediately,” Odyssey Senior Director of Putter Marketing Luke Williams said of the Stroke Lab. “The putterhead moves freely, smoothly and on a sound path, helping you roll the ball accurately while giving you greater speed-control.”

Stroke Lab putters will be available in golf shops around Australia beginning February 8.

RRP: $369.99.

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