Available in golf shops around Australia over the coming weeks– with the driver and fairway in stores January 23 and irons and hybrids on sale from February 6 – every category of the new range benefits from Callaway’s use of a supercomputer in its research and development (R&D) process and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) and Machine Learning that debuted in last year’s Epic Flash drivers.

Offered in a standard, lower spinning Sub Zero and slice reducing MAX model, the latter two with movable weights, the MAVRIK drivers deliver the “finest combination of distance, forgiveness, consistency and feel we’ve ever built in a driver” according to the company.

Through the use of a new more powerful supercomputer that created thousands of virtual prototypes during the development process, Callaway created a new face architecture labelled ‘Flash Face SS20’ that is thinner with a greater area that produces faster ball speeds.

The new face design, built specifically to offer outstanding performance from each MAVRIK driver, utilises FS2S titanium for the first time, a material known for its impressive strength to weight ratio that allowed the company’s engineers to maintain ball speeds without damaging the faces’ integrity.

Callaway’s ‘Jailbreak’ and ‘T2C TriaxialCarbon Crown’ technologies return in the new driver models, joining the sole and crown to produce faster ball speeds and saving weight that is then optimally placed for increased moment of inertia (MOI) respectively.

The company also utilised AI to refine the internal structure of the new driver heads for improved acoustics and feel, while a new ‘Cyclone Aero shape’ reduces drag to assist in raising clubhead speeds.

Slightly smaller than the standard model at 450cc with a flatter lie angle, the MAVRIK Sub Zero is built for low spin and high MOI, with the interchangeable weights offering spin rate adjustability, while the MAX model possess the largest footprint, highest MOI, highest launch and allows for the greatest draw bias of all three models.

Similarly offered in standard, Sub Zero and MAX options, the MAVRIK fairway woods mark the first fairways in company history with a face fully optimised by AI.

The new Flash Face SS20 in each clubhead is uniquely designed to work with the shape, size and centre of gravity (CG) location for optimal spin and ball speed.

Constructed using a unique forged process from ultra-strong C300 maraging steel, the new Flash Face design produces higher ball speeds across a larger area of the clubface, while AI was also used to refine the MAVRIK fairways’ ‘Face Cup’ that joins Jailbreak internal bars and a T2C TriaxialCarbon Crown as proven Callaway technologies that have been enhanced to deliver improved performance.

Offering different head shapes and ball flights to appeal to a wide variety of players as well as interchangeable weights for ball flight customisation, the three MAVRIK fairway wood models feature progressive leading-edge geometry. The standard model is built for a high launch, flat trajectory ball flight, the Sub Zero model’s tighter leading edge delivering increased workability, while the largest and most forgiving MAX incorporates a lowered leading edge to improve performance on low strikes.

Just like the fairway woods, the new MAVRIK hybrids feature faces optimised through the use of AI, which the company calls “the most technologically advanced hybrid face we’ve ever designed”.

Labelled “an absolute distance machine” by Callaway, the three MAVRIK hybrid models – standard, MAX and Pro – feature faces specially created for each individual clubhead to produce the optimal speed, launch angle and spin rate for improved loft specific performance.

Also employing Jailbreak bars that allow the clubface to take more load at impact due to the strengthening of the relationship between the sole and crown, the three new models – the mid-sized standard, slightly larger MAX, which also features a deeper CG and higher MOI, and compact Pro that was built through Tour player feedback will appeal to a variety of golfers. The three models also offered in a range of different lofts, including the MAX 8H for players wishing to opt for a hybrid over an 8-iron.

Once again offered in three varied models, the new MAVRIK irons mark an industry first.

The new ‘Flash Face Cup’ designed with AI sees a unique face architecture for every loft in each set, resulting in ball speed and spin increases throughout the entire bag, a new concept to the golf industry.

Partnering with Callaway’s flexible ‘360 Face Cup’ the new face design not only improves distance, but forgiveness across the hitting area.

Precisely placed within each head, tungsten weights help optimise the launch and trajectory of the MAVRIK, MAX and Pro iron models and allow for stronger lofts for even greater distance without sacrificing player preferred ball flights, while Callaway’s ‘microspheres’ are also located within the heads. The urethane material absorbing vibrations and raising the face’s ability to flex at impact to produce ball speed increases.

Also offering progressive face designs throughout the set for optimal performance in every loft through further use of AI, the standard MAVRIK iron will appeal to a wide range of players, while the thinner topline and more compact Pro model offers greater workability and control and the MAX delivers the highest forgiveness and easiest launch.

RRP: $829.99 (drivers); $499.99 (fairways); $419.99 (hybrids); $179.99 per iron (standard steel) and $199.99 per iron (graphite and Pro steel).

For more information, visit www.callawaygolf.com.au