The soon to be released MP-18 range of irons are the latest ‘Grain Flow Forged’ irons in the company’s long history to further this reputation.

With the master mould of every head checked and adapted by Mizuno’s meticulous clubmakers, including the famous ‘Turbo’, who was responsible for crafting many iron sets for six-time major winner Sir Nick Faldo.

"You can sense Turbo’s signature on the MP-18s – they remind me of the blades we worked on together all those years ago,” Faldo said.

The three new iron models – MP-18, MP-18 SC and MP-18 MMC – are designed to either be played as a complete set or easily combine into a mixed set, perfectly matched for each individual player.

The MP-18 is a shorter blade length muscleback iron that harks back to some of the classic Mizuno models wielded by Faldo to major championship glory, with compact wedges, extremely thin toplines and low heel profiles some of the features of the stunning looking blade that has already had success on the European Tour in the hands of Jordan Smith at the Porsche European Open.

“At impact, this is just about perfection," Mizuno Senior Club Engineer Chris Voshall said.

Mizuno describes the MP-18 SC as “The Player's Cavity Back” with its wider, cambered sole making it more playable than the MP-18, whilst maintaining classic Mizuno looks and characteristics to blend perfectly into a combo set with the muscle-back or stand alone as a better players cavity back with Mizuno’s trademark soft feel.

“The MP-18 SC is an iron that combines a lot of practical needs – stability, workability and softness at impact with our craftsmen's desire for immaculate looks over the ball,” Voshall said.

The MP-18 MMC – Multi-Metal Cavity – is the result of years of research and development by the master craftsmen in Yoro to produce a forgiving and stable iron utilising multiple materials in an aesthetically pleasing shape that is similar in size to the MP-18 SC. Tungsten, Titanium and 1025E mild carbon steel all play a role in delivering the first multi-material iron in MP history built in the vision of Mizuno’s master clubmakers.

The range of irons is complemented by a new long-iron replacement, the MP-18 MMC Fli-Hi, which uses Tungsten and a maraging steel face to produce a higher flying option with a topline that is just 1mm thicker than that of the same lofted muscle-back.

S18 wedges offer a forged mid-size, rounded profile with the higher lofted wedges featuring weight shifted higher in the head for more consistent spin where mis-hits commonly take place and will be available in lofts ranging from 46⁰ to 62⁰. And the new CLK hybrid rounds out the range. Incorporating the company’s 'Shockwave Technology', the four hybrid lofts featuring adjustable hosels offer 32 set-up combinations to fit any distance gap in a player’s bag.

The MP-18 range is expected in store September 11. Stay tuned to Golf Australia magazine for more details on the range.