Designed as individual irons sets that are also perfectly suited to be blended together, the MP-20 MB, MMC and HMB irons take advantage of Mizuno irons’ major winning history and the evolution of the company’s ‘Grain Flow Forging’ process.

To further enhance the feel of the irons forged in Hiroshima, Japan, the company has incorporated copper plating under the nickel chrome finish, the technique responsible for the legendary feel of the hugely popular TN87 irons. The new range, as with all Mizuno iron models, providing golfers with the same heads that are used by the world’s best players on the PGA Tour.

"Any Mizuno iron model is 'Tour ready' straight from the box. The heads we use on the PGA Tour come from the same boxes we use for club golfers," Tour Operations Manager Jeff Cook said.

‘Grain Flow Forged HD’ from a single billet of ‘1025E Pure Select’ mild carbon steel, the MP-20 muscle back is then layered with soft copper plating beneath a protective nickel chrome finish. The result, a classic, modern blade iron with outstanding feel.

Featuring Mizuno’s thinnest topline in recent years as a result of Tour player feedback, the MP-20 irons incorporate a tapered top blade and cambered sole that allowed engineers to increase forgiveness on off-centre strikes without affecting the traditional blade iron appearance of the new model.

“We kept asking ourselves – why did players still talk about the feel of the older Mizuno blades – TN87, MP14, MP29, TP9? Despite our Grain Flow Forging process tightening up and an evolving CAD process that predicts vibration patterns – we were still missing something. The one element left from the old classics was a layer of copper. After blind testing our players at the Valspar it was more than nostalgia – our test pool universally preferred the prototype with copper plating,” Mizuno’s Golf Brand Manager Chris Voshall said of the reintroduction of copper layering.

Also featuring a copper layer, the second generation of Mizuno’s MMC has been refined to better match the appearance preferences of the world’s best player, while maintaining the forgiveness elements offered by the use of titanium and tungsten.

“The new MMC is the smaller, sharper version of the original. For a player with a traditional eye, looking for a little stability from off centre strikes, but comfortable with their distances and ball speed – this is the iron,” Voshall said.

Based on the chassis and size of the new muscle back, the MP-20 MMC is similarly forged from 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel, while a titanium muscle pad and tungsten toe weights in the 4-iron to 7-iron improve forgiveness. A smaller titanium pad is used in the shorter irons, which do not utilise tungsten in the toe, to allow for thinner, more playable soles, with the entire set featuring drastically thinner toplines following feedback from Tour players.

Inspired by the popularity of hollow-body long iron replacements on Tour, the all new MP-20 HMB (Hot Metal Blade) is a full set of what the company calls “performance hybrid irons” in a profile to match the smaller blade and MMC models.

Incorporating a forged ‘Chromoly’ face and neck, built for added ball speed, and also featuring copper layering, the MP-20 HMB uses tungsten weighting and wide soles that are hidden at address to offer forgiveness in either long iron replacements or as a full set.

To cater to better players’ need for control and feel in their short irons as opposed to forgiveness and increased launch angles in the longer clubs, the HMB utilises a progressive, loft specific design that features varied face materials and the use of tungsten only from 2-iron to 7-iron.

Released alongside the MP-20 irons, are the new T20 wedges.

Featuring a classic teardrop shape and forged from ‘Select 1025E’ mild carbon steel, the T20 incorporate new ‘Hydroflow Micro’ grooves that are laser etched onto the face to negate the detrimental effect of moisture on backspin.

Weight is placed higher in the blade design of the new wedges to maintain spin on high impact strikes that occur when opening the face and playing from the rough, while a perfectly flat face is ensured by mechanical milling and the boron infused metal guarantees the CNC milled, loft specific grooves are more durable and produce consistent spin.

Offered in lofts from 46˚ to 60˚ and three finishes, including a new raw finish popular on Tour and designed to rust, the T20 wedges also feature loft specific sole designs and head shapes.

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