The 46-year-old South Australian arrived at the party-hole 16th at eight-over-par and said he felt “headless” before plunging into an inflatable pool.

“I was having a bad day, really, I felt I needed to cool off,” Norris told Golf Australia magazine after signing for nine-over 81.

With his clothes still soaking wet, the World No.560 explained that 2018 has been one of the toughest years of his life.

“I’ve been in Europe all year ... It was an amazing opportunity. But I got injured in the first event (in Switzerland) and it’s just turned into the worst year of my life,” said Norris, who won the tri-sanctioned Fiji International in 2017 to earn status in Europe and Asia.


“Considering where we were (with status on the European Tour) it was an awesome opportunity and it was great playing those events but my game was at 40 percent at its best over there.

“It was so hard … I was okay mentally but it’s just killed me the last month or so.”

Despite the frustrations of 2018, Norris, who was working in an Adelaide pro shop for much of last year, feels his game is heading in the right direction; today the obvious exception.

“I got injured in the first event (in Switzerland) and it’s just turned into the worst year of my life.” – Jason Norris

“It’s been terrible ever since (I got injured) but I’m coming out of that now … My confidence is not great but I feel like I’m starting to play better now,” Norris said.

“I’m actually playing alright, my putting’s just really bad at the moment.

“Tomorrow I’m going to try and not miss eight putts inside six feet tomorrow … That will be my goal.”

Meanwhile, defending champion Cameron Smith has just teed off alongside World Cup partner Marc Leishman in the afternoon’s marquee group.

Smith still holds the lead but has now been joined by NSW Open champion Jake McLeod, who birdied the first hole to match his fellow Queenslander at nine-under par.