In an innovative and exciting move, the Holden Scramble season will be changed to make the event more accessible to golfers right across Australia.

The new season dates are:

Local Season: June 1, 2017 to February 28, 2018

Regional Finals: Throughout March and early April 2018

Championship Final: May 2018.

No longer will Scrambler’s have to rug up with beanies, jumpers and thermals to enjoy their local event. Clubs can get away from the winter months and stage an event when the weather is more pleasant and golfers around the country are enjoying the sunshine.

The season has also been increased by two months, providing players greater flexibility in which to schedule a Holden Scramble event in the golfing calendar.

The Regional Finals will now be staged in March, which generally experiences perfect golfing conditions across the country, and the shift in date for the Championship Final will mean that any southern state participants will benefit with an escape of the colder southern winter, to enjoy four days of sunshine in Queensland.