The MIM process represents a significant advancement in wedge manufacturing, delivering the most precise shape possible for truly exceptional feel and turf interaction in every wedge COBRA manufactures.

Unlike cast wedges, MIM manufacturing reduces the amount of post-process polishing, where in the past, there was a heavy reliance on skilled machinists to grind consistent wedge shapes by hand.

Each wedge is created using a mixture of 304 stainless steel metal powder, which is then heated and injected into a mould. Using a sintering process, the metal is heated to a higher temperature than forging (1340°C vs. 1200°C), resulting in a smoother grain flow structure versus forged and cast wedges, and the softest feel the industry’s ever seen.

The KING MIM Wedge family is the first in golf to utilise a fully robotic polishing process where the robot is pre-programmed to polish each wedge to exact specifications – a sharp contrast to the variability found in the traditional manual hand-polishing process. This fully automated process eliminates variance in head weight and thickness and creates more precise grind shapes and more repeatable bounce in each wedge.

“When we introduced MIM Wedges last year, it marked a steep change in the way wedges were manufactured. Since then, we have received requests from better players asking for the type of black finish that is preferred on Tour. The new QPQ finishing process allows us to deliver this option while maintaining soft, consistent performance for a wide variety of shots, now with a wider variety of grind options,” Vice President of R&D for COBRA Golf Tom Olsavsky said.

In addition to the MIM process and Fully Robotic Polishing process, the new KING MIM Black Wedges are constructed with the following game boosting technologies:

  • Three Tour-inspired grinds – All three grinds (Versatile, WideLow, and Classic) were co-designed with our Tour Department and tested by Rickie Fowler, Lexi Thompson and Bryson DeChambeau on Tour.
  • Precision CNC milled face and grooves – A fully CNC milled face maximizes surface roughness and delivers precise lofts and groove shapes to optimize trajectory and spin performance.
  • Radial CNC milling pattern – The circular milling pattern helps to maximise spin on softer shots where the ball doesn’t go as deep into the grooves. In addition, the position of the radial milling pattern is intended to help golfers better identify the ‘SWEET ZONE’ for pure wedge shots.
  • Progressive Spin Technology – Progressive groove shapes are CNC milled to optimise performance for each wedge loft. The weaker lofts feature wider, shallower grooves, and the stronger lofts feature narrower, deeper grooves to deliver consistent spin from wedge-to- wedge.
  • Durable black QPQ finish – QPQ delivers a Tour-preferred glare-resistant finish and maximum durability to improve groove life and wear over time.
  • COBRA CONNECT – The ‘COBRA CONNECT, Powered by Arccos’ system features electronically enabled Lamkin Crossline Connect black grips that work in conjunction with the Arccos Caddie app to give users the ability to track their wedge stats, and learn their tendencies so they can practice more effectively.

Delivering many of the same stroke-saving technologies as the variable length COBRA KING MIM Black wedges, the KING MIM Black One Length wedges, is the perfect complement to COBRA’s single length irons.

RRP: $249. Available July 18.

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