Developed through the first ever use of artificial intelligence (A.I.) in golf club design, the new ‘Flash Face’ of the Epic Flash range features innovative internal mapping with dozens of subtle ripples flowing from heel to toe that work to increase the COR in the centre of the face for increased distance on solid strikes. While the use of the company’s ‘Jailbreak’ technology connecting and stiffening the relationship between the sole and crown of each clubhead helps raise forgiveness and ball speed across the face.

The unique use of artificial intelligence to design the new face also employed ‘Machine Learning’, a process where computer systems learn without being explicitly programmed. This combination allowing Callaway engineers to cycle through 15,000 face architecture iterations, before arriving at Flash Face compared to the traditional eight to ten versions used.

“We couldn’t have come up with Flash Face using conventional engineering principles,” Senior Vice President of R&D for Callaway Dr Alan Hocknell said. “We wouldn’t have gone in this direction without A.I. because it’s non-intuitive compared to previous face technologies, including our own ‘VFT’ and ‘X-Face’. The wave configuration isn’t symmetrical, nor does the pattern seem logical. Yet the ripples work together in a complex manner to maximize ball speed. There’s never been anything like Flash Face before in golf equipment, and the effect on performance is intense.”

Offered in a standard model and low spin Sub Zero version, the Epic Flash driver also benefits from a new ‘T2C Triaxial’ carbon crown material and sliding 16gram weight for ball flight customisation.

The new crown material features a tighter weave that saves weight, which is then precisely redistributed throughout the head to increase the moment of inertia (MOI) for maximum forgiveness to partner the increased ball speed delivered by the new Flash Face.

Like the new drivers, the Epic Flash fairway woods are offered in standard and Sub Zero models, with the company’s new Flash Face and two internal bars of Jailbreak technology the headline technologies delivering distance and forgiveness.

To deliver Jailbreak technology in an adjustable fairway wood for the first time, Callaway engineers designed a new ‘OptiFit’ hosel, which saves weight, while a unique forged carpenter steel face cup increases ball speed across the entire clubface.

Announced alongside the Epic Flash models, the new Apex hybrid and iron models are designed for better players looking for increased distance and control.

Representing the first time Callaway has integrated Jailbreak technology in a player’s hybrid model, the new Apex delivers the ball flight and spin of a long iron with increased forgiveness and distance thanks to more impact load being placed on the face through the two steel Jailbreak bars and a forged face cup made from carpenter 455 steel.

Forged from 1025 mild carbon steel, the new Apex 19 irons incorporate Callaway’s urethane microspheres containing over one million tiny air pockets to produce an extremely soft feel without slowing the face.

Utilising tungsten weighting for precise centre of gravity (CG) location and optimal ball flights, the new model also features a ‘Spin Control VFT’ face for increased spin in the short irons and wedges, while a 360 face cup promotes increased ball speed across the entire clubface.

Created with feedback from some of the world’s best players, the Apex Pro 19 adds distance technology to a classically shaped and feeling Tour iron.

Featuring a straighter leading edge, higher toe, thin top line and utilising both Callaway’s urethane microspheres and 360 face cup for the first time in a Tour iron, the new Apex Pro 19 offers the feel, look and ball flight control desired by better players without sacrificing distance and forgiveness.

Completing the Callaway club launch to start 2019 is the new PM Grind 19 wedge. The model the result of a collaborative effort between Phil Mickelson, one of the greatest short game exponents to play the game, and legendary wedge designer Roger Cleveland to allow players to hit a greater variety of short game shots with ease.

Replacing the original 2015 version that came about after a one off prototype was made for Mickelson, the new PM Grind features a similar high toe and grooves running across the entire face, with the toe raised even higher, offset increased and C-Grind sole refined.

Callaway’s ‘Groove-in-Groove’ technology has also been incorporated in the updated version, with the micro grooves placed at an angle to deliver greater spin when opening the face to hit Phil’s trademark flop shot.

“Working with Phil on the PM Grind wedges has been a fantastic experience,” Cleveland said. “His insights are always spot-on, and implementing them to create something innovative like the PM Grind 2019 is incredibly satisfying. This wedge is going to help a lot of players hit shots they couldn’t hit before.”

The Apex irons and hybrids will be available in late January 2019, with Epic Flash woods on sale commencing February 1 and PM Grind wedges set to arrive February 15.

RRP: $799.99 (Epic Flash drivers); $479.99 (Epic Flash fairways); $419.99 (Apex hybrids); $259.99 (Apex and Apex Pro irons, steel), $279.99 (Apex and Apex Pro irons, graphite); $249.99 (PM Grind 19).

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