Then there is that one course that rises above all others. It might be the setting or the scene of your best score.

It might be both, or even the overall golfing experience - fun golf in a picturesque setting. For some it might just be the culinary delights available from the halfway house that makes a course win its way into your heart. No matter what the reason, we’ve all got our list of favourite courses we love playing.

During the past three months, thousands of Golf Australia readers have cast their vote for their favourite three Australian courses. The top course selected by each voter was awarded five points, their second choice was given three points and the third, one point. We were swamped by your responses and 320 courses received at least one vote.

One lucky voter was drawn from the thousands of entries and will be fitted out for a Callaway equipment package worth $5,400. The winner is Nathan Maddock, of Soldier's Hill, Victoria.  Congratulations!

Now, here are Australia’s 50 Favourite Courses for 2021, as voted by you. Click the arrows to navigate your way through the list.