TESTED BY: Jimmy Emanuel, Golf Australia writer
(GA Handicap 9.4)

COST: $599.95.

MODEL & SHAFT PLAYED: Wilson Triton 9.0˚loft, fitted with Aldila Rogue 60
stiff shaft.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Straight out of the box the Wilson Triton driver grabs your attention. A traditional-styled headcover and a small case containing a wrench, different sole plates and variety of weights means there is no lack of bells and whistles with this model.

The ‘Swing Active Technology’ 1-1 alignment system catches the eye straight away when putting the driver down at address. The large grey line, that is the same width as a golf ball, takes some getting used to but is an
easy-to-use and helpful alignment tool when aiming the clubface to your target and helps swing the driver on the correct path.

The sound of the Triton is louder and higher pitched than many other drivers currently available. A hollow feeling at impact is similar in feel to some of the earlier 460cc titanium drivers.

HOW IT PLAYED: Wilson’s main innovation in the driver, the interchangeable sole plates, are no gimmick. When changing between the two you can feel the difference in weight between the carbon (9 grams) and titanium (22 grams), and there is a noticeable difference in flight and feel with each in place. The carbon comes out lower and more penetrating, while the titanium produces a high, flat trajectory that feels like it is going forever.

The Triton launched noticeably lower and spun less when compared to other current drivers I have used, and was more than competitive in total distance, going further on similar hits on multiple occasions. The face angle and head design help to hit an almost automatic draw, which is good news for those of you who feel burdened with a fade.

Wilson provides a variety of weights as standard, which means even when changing sole plates the swing weight remains consistent, minimising the need to adjust to a different weight when optimising the driver set-up.

The process of moving weights and sole plates can be fiddly, but all the adjustments made noticeable differences in ball flight and the ‘Fast Fit’ hosel made dialling in loft easy.


SUITABILITY: With the wide variety of setup options the Triton is suitable for a wide range
of players.

SHAFTS: Aldila Rouge is standard, with custom options available.

LOFTS: 9˚, 10.5˚ and 12˚ (each loft is adjustable one degree up and down)


The Triton driver is the design of the winner of Wilson’s TV show “Driver vs Driver”, which pitted club designers against each other, competing to design a driver for worldwide release by Wilson.

Eric Sillies winning Triton driver ran into early trouble when the titanium sole plate was ruled non-conforming by golf’s governing bodies. Wilson has since fixed the problem and the conforming sole plates are marked DVD.

Led by his credo of “make things better by making better things”, Sillies created a driver that Wilson says “is designed to make hitting the sweet spot intuitive and consistent”.

Coming as standard with two sole plates, five interchangeable weights and Wilson Fast Fit hosel system means the Triton is totally customisable to each player’s needs, and has been put in play recently on the PGA Tour.

 Contact Wilson on (03) 8586 6666 or visit www.wilson.com/en-au/